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Yeah you you had had you had you had like this all of the all of the violence of an old warner brothers or tex avery cartoon in reload on these very photo realistic characters on your screen one's a baby wants a dog and they're literally trying to kill each other that actually would be kind of like a good horror movie which is basically just the plot of this movie which is that you make it look as real as possible but they do cartoon thing yeah but it's like their actual consequences like people actually die sure blown up it's like a roger rabbit where so much of it felt great and then judge doom happens and you are as a child aired that's this entire movie is well number one the psycho baby doesn't help our old man baby i don't know how they're twins by the way that's how you cash for these movies are two very ugly babies that look like old men i know he has the baby had no choice i feel bad but police should is a weird looking baby i can't i can't put my finger on it it's a str strange looking child and someone casting yes this will unnerve every you fucking psycho and then they do the thing with the dog where he's doing the like the cartoon network thing the hanna barbera the laughing dog oh sis this kind of playing that yet dir but it's this overly grow tests giant headed constantly moving shaking walks like a weird creature and it's just there's even weird moment or ted gets blown off and it's all teeth in its jolly wheel drive.

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