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Then the the Ashley I'm GonNa Call Them Ashley then claimed that he and Raider then went to the Solomon home where they murdered. Elaine Michelle and Mitchell Buchan is like this is straight up would happen and my cousins crazy you. And then I helped bury the family's bodies in the desert and Antelope Valley. But then he was like that's not all member in March of nineteen me too. He told them. There's this other couple named Peter and Joan Davis that had gone missing. There were a British couple and they had lived only two miles away away from the Solomons and also did business with raiders dealership. And he said that rader murdered them as well because I don't think they'd be getting connected at that point that there's this other couple that went missing and then did okay. He said that rader murdered the couple again in order to steal their artwork from their home and that he helped him bury the bodies bodies in the desert near Bakersfield when he claimed that he was also responsible. Another one for the January nineteen the disappearance of Burbank businessman named Ronald Adid. Deep who also invested money in raiders dealership. But he didn't know where his body was so he goes to talk. He's like yeah. I'll take you to those bodies. Of course they're not there they don't find them. Maybe he's lying. Who knows? And they heat they arrest Harvey Raider but he is released due to insufficient evidence. And then Bob a ball. All this crazy shit happens about like they tried to arrest people. It doesn't work. Everyone goes home to England. The judge dismisses the charges he goes back to England and he's like I'm not coming coming back. Fuck this shit. So he basically confessed and tried to his best till Blake show where the victim's bodies were buried and supposedly didn't work out any left. Yeah so then in September nineteen eighty-eight. So this guy. Harvey Raiders still in town. But they they sir. He served a term in prison for passport fraud and is facing deportation so the authorities like we gotta get him before he laid out of town. he So they the case against him is very circumstantial though so like they don't have anything. His cousin won't come back and testify against him at his trial. The defense pence pushed the theory that the family was murdered because solace involved in illegal activities with the Israeli Mafia. After several weeks of deliberations the jury vote eleven to one and in favor of convicting him but couldn't reach a verdict so that's a mistrial declared then at the second trial he goes. Let's see the second mistrial. There's a second mistrial. And then he's back on track for the third time in May nineteen ninety two and there's no concrete evidence there's no bodies he's no witness no weapons linking him at all. It's all circumstantial. And then they find out that the eleven to one that one person was like well. I don't even know if they're dead so I that's why didn't convict like if the families even dead he's like maybe they just took off on the road like as in celebration and I'm sorry I left Mishmash behind no not happening happening. That's hard So then they're like oh great. Well that's our defense now is dead or install a committed familiar side and killed the whole family and he took off that was like based on no evidence. That was their argument. So this time around the jury voted to acquit. quit that now. Forty nine year old Harvey Raider of the murders so he got acquitted. He collapsed and sobbed quietly in his chair as the not guilty verdict was read. Wow Wow yeah. Since the case since the case has gone cold it's been almost forty years in the bodies of the Solomon Family thirty five year rolled Saw Thirty nine year old Elaine and fifteen year old Michelle and nine year old. Mitchell have never been found really and that is the disappearance of the Solomon Elleman family. How awful yeah? Sorry no hey would you say it's just fucked. I I know that thing of like there being no evidence so then like when it goes to trial lawyers are basically paid to make up. Only chance you'll get acquittal Quito you can't retry them for the same. I know you hate that doubles Jeffrey. Do until it happens to me whatever. Yeah aw I just feel like. It's a matter of time until they find them and we can hopefully but that would be so yeah. It was Stacey permits best friend was Michelle and says she wrote this beautiful article about it out. What happened to her best friend and she was there she and her mom went to the house? It's so sad Okay well I'm going to do the local story it's the hitchhiker's slayer Thorn Christian. Oh this Dick. Yeah we're going from bad to worse or worse to worse. Actually so I got the information for this Kapadia murder. PEDIA and L. A. Times article from nineteen seventy nine that was on golden state killer dot com. A book called the Encyclopedia of Kidnappings by Michael Newton Newton and an episode of Very Great TV series on Youtube called born to kill question mark which is really good but what I born to kill. Make the decision. Yeah okay. This starts on April eighteenth in two thousand nine hundred seventy nine a twenty four year old sex worker named Lydia Preston is on working Hollywood boulevard. What a man stops his car and a surfer for or picks her up for a date asks her for a date? It was dot romantic. They have a conversation. They agree on a price she gets into the car and they start driving away. Lydia he tells Lydia that he's from Santa Barbara and that he works construction. He's in town on vacation now. Let's you you know. Let's hear it for Santa Barbara. Done a great job this weekend. Yes home uh-huh so so lydia as he's talking Lydia like Oh there's a motel right there we should go to that one and he just keeps on driving Um and talking so then she's like okay. There's one right there and punch out another one. He keeps driving and he basically drives up into the Hollywood hills. where it's winding secluded roads. And it's very dark. There's not it's away from the city lights and as they're driving along a winding road up the Hollywood hills he pulls out a gun and shoots Lydia in the head God. She doesn't die. She survives not only. Does she not die but she fucking grabs the wheel and crashes the car into the side of the road and then then gets out and fucking runs to the nearest house knocks on the door. The neighbor opens it. She's like please poking help be right. This second. He calls an ambulance. She goes to Cedar. Sinai has emergency surgery and fucking survives. This attack really nice. Start to fucking terrible store. Hey goes downhill from here. Yeah Okay so aside from her statement the LAPD has no solid leads on who this attacker could be. What motives were if they'd contacted breath orders in Santa Barbara they might have learned that murders with the exact same m o of Lydia presents attack had been taking place in that area for almost three years? So we'll go back to November twentieth. Nineteen seventy six twenty one year old. UCSB student Jacqueline Rook tells a friend of hers. That she's GonNa go shopping popping and she's last seen hitchhiking along a busy intersection in Isla Vista so hitchhike. It's seventy so hitchhiking is very very common at this time. Also there's not a lot of e nighttime bus service or public transportation so it's all basically as Lee all the students did. It is very popular because most of them didn't have cars so jacqueline disappears and when her disappearance passes the twenty four hour mark mark concern turns to fear. Of course. Some people fear that a dangerous criminal. WHO's passing through? The areas kidnapped her because no no one believes that anyone in this small close knit community could be responsible for kidnapping young woman and the the investigators opened the investigation. There's no solid leads. Two weeks later. On December sixth nineteen seventy six and nineteen year old waitress from alita named Marianne. Sarah's goes is to a doctor's appointment around four thirty PM and afterwards she walks outside to the intersection of Hollister Avenue Patterson Avenue to hitchhike home and eventually she gets picked up she by a stranger. And that's the last time anyone sees her alive. So the kidnappings of these these two women who were hitchhiking of course strike fear in the community people in Isla Vista answer and Barbara but mostly in the Isla Vista area area..

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