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Much viruses out there. Dr. Landers says that people should still be tested. Whether they got back say they're not if they're showing covert 19 symptoms, Fox X Birmingham's Lauren Jackson and this as a winter storm watches issued for parts of the United States. This may be one of the coldest weeks we've seen so far of the Winter, and that's gonna make a big deal because some snow is gonna push fairly far south. Otherwise, you look across the country mostly clear, but there is that system, bringing some energy into the central Rockies. That's where snows currently falling, going to call the next couple of hours, and that'll slowly drift off towards the south towards the east. So bringing you in on it. But this is going to fall down into portions of Oklahoma down into Texas. Some spots that typically don't see the type of snow that we may be seeing so winter storm watches and warnings now from portions of southern Colorado getting you all the way down across the desert Southwest and then into text. This and then it's far off to the East is Louisiana. Fox's Adam Clots. Meanwhile, in sports, the Los Angeles Rams defeating the divisional rival in the Seattle Seahawks and the NFC Wild card playoff game Saturday. 30 to 20 Watch out here picks Williams Touchdown, Rams four wide receiver said in Troy. They tried to force it to DK Metcalf. And there was Darius Williams for the touchdown. This Rams win on Fox also Mark Seattle's first home playoff loss since 2004. I'm Mary Course, Eddie and this is Fox News. Welcome authority. Evening. My good friends. I'm meteorologist David Humphrey. Beautiful conditions this evening sunset at 5 20 about our afterward Sound Southwestern sky. You'll be able to see it low on the horizon, Jupiter, Saturn and Penis, a trio of planets. It'll inspire the astronomer, the engineer in your own household and in your own heart. He called, though. Temperatures around freezing during the dinner hour, then into the twenties. Overnight, Lower middle twenties. Overnight wind chills me. Your team's once again by Sunday morning, expecting frosty start on Sunday, Chile in the afternoon but dry partly to mostly sunny skies for your Sunday with highs around 35 I'm meteorologist and your country. Wonderful weekend. Get a new perspective with guy Gordon. How has this affected you? And what are you hoping way? Days at three. On news Talk. 7 60 W. J. R. Make sure getting wakes up with Paul W. Smith. I think a nice day all things considered with a nice weekend. That's for sure. And we're headed into some good information right now on use talk. 7 60 telling you J. R. Mm..

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