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Okay so that's story which has spread around the world. Since it was first published last week has been downplayed by officials in China and in South Korea. He say that they don't have any intelligence to back up. And because of that Anna thinks it may be a while before we know what's really going on and that's if we ever find out right but she does have a theory about why. The story hasn't Gone Away. He doesn't look terribly healthy. He's only thirty six but stadium described as a chubby tyrant. What what do we know about his health? And how reliable is what we think we know about his health. Yeah well like much of the rest of it. It's a lot of guesswork here but there have been doctors and forensic scientists and things. We've looked at Soto's also him and tried to estimate his way to hide his body mass index. That's the best way to do it. Yeah estimate he weighs three hundred pounds which is about one hundred hundred and forty kilos forty-two. Yeah that he has They they countered when he was at a summit with Donald Trump. They counted how many brace per minute he took. And say you know. He seemed to be very nervous or having a lot of trouble breathing because he breathing very very nice joint hurrying. It's so new. That looking for any clues they can get into Kim. Jong UN and the North Koreans are conscious of this too and so for example when Kim to travel to Singapore s with a summit with Donald trump he took his own Porta potty west him he pulled alert with him so they literally did not leave behind any kind of DNA evidence that that American scientists so American intelligence agents could go and harvest. Dna or information about him from so they're extremely paranoid and they go to some length disgusting insight into the. Yeah exactly right as you said we. He is presumably his. Bmi isn't great and he's also a smoker and a drinker so these things are adding up to a picture of someone who despite his ages probably not in full health. Yes.

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