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It's not Time for an update from the Gruber law. Opposite one call. That's all sports desk. Here's Greg Mats it well, it will never get old. Oh, now, Booker Tucker on him. Throws it up for eight. Shot blocked. You've got a good ball. What a block from Yannis Mike Breen with a call on ABC. It was coverage of Game four. The NBA Finals the moment in the box win over the sons. Yanis block of DeAndre Ayton at the rim, thwarting off an L. You attempt that would have tied the game at 11, ESPN's Richard Jefferson. I think everybody in the basketball community is going to remember that block from Yannis. Those are the place that you point to that are just different. Pat Connaughton had a bird's eye view. The honest thought that was going through my head was more or less kind of like shock and awe. In my opinion, the best block of all time game and perhaps series altering play that ensures there will be a Game six in Milwaukee Tuesday night. Prior to that Game five in Saturday in Phoenix, the box will travel to Arizona. Later today around one of the U. S open. Excuse me. Open Championship is in the books US Open Runner up. Louis Oosthuizen is your leader. 600 par 64 on the day for us stays in Jordan Spieth, one shot back at five under par. 47 players shoot in the sixties today. That's the good news. Not a great day for Phil Mickelson. He teed off a little later in the day when the wind started kicking up. The course was far more challenging. 10 overpower 80 on the day for Mickelson and I, It's crazy that you're seeing us citizens name atop the leaderboard met like whatever doesn't matter what the major is, he is. There he is. He's a runner up in two majors. Just this year is you have to win a major. So a lot of people rooting for Louis Oosthuizen to pull this one out. One of the smartest guys that listens to the show as Waukesha County executive Paul Pharaoh. Yes, I've always thought that he's a brilliant man. I mean, just brilliant and he wanted to weigh in. I asked him to swirl of flavor. He said No with 123456 exclamation points. Yeah, that's pretty definitive, John. If he disagreed with you, would you still think he was the smartest guests we have on our show? He might not be at the top of the list. Interesting. Thank you. He's a brilliant guy. It's 4 48 at WTMJ start planning for your retirement.

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