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Good afternoon and welcome to the Northern Kentucky Spotlight on Catherine era. We've got just a plethora stars coming on the show today first and foremost Jeremy Charan the marketing and communications director for the Northern Kentucky Chamber how you doing there Jeremy. Here, is the first day of school in Person School you're. Oh. No, no no we kept him. He's he has to. He's still in the other room doing all his virtual schooling. I've got two kids in school for the first time since mark it is awesome. But tomorrow maybe a different day. But we are also joined right now by Chris Baldwin, the Vice President of Public Affairs and Communication for the Chamber as well. So we appreciate you being here today kristen thanks for having me yet June fifteenth with a day. The Daycare Open Becker for me. Forever, a date that we will remember at our house we we were are going to be covering all kinds of great stuff here today, but first and foremost we want to thank our title sponsor CG doing all they do to make sure the northern Kentucky spotlight gets out, and about Jeremy We've got some some guests today, some interesting topics of discussion today. We Newport Gaming Coming on today to talk about this that cool new facility they have there, and then we also have the mayor of Union to talk about what's going on in their community should be very very interesting but let's let's kristen about some elections stuff. There's nothing bigger than that right now everything's about the election coming up and tell us about. How do request our ballots if we want to do the If if we don't go in vote in person. Great Good Question, Jimmy, tomorrow marks five weeks from actual election day. But as many of you guys have heard the you do have numerous options to vote and vote early in one of those about voting via absentee and so in the state of Kentucky that means Harrison I did a barrier aright got your absentee ballot in hand. So that's always the first step. So who would make sure that Catherine you're not alone and requesting your absentee ballot said later by no they can go to places one they can go to our vote in..

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