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Cousteau You're thinking of. A famous detective? The payments Sharp Jeanrenaud. When Rene Discard? No. It's John Jock Rousseau. John Jack Russo when he first came up the social contract I really wish he had included a clause that said any representative from the government has to fight any representative who challenges them of the populace for everything you know like a One v one for all of the marvels like you gotta defend the government that be. or You gotta like move aside and let the people set up the government. They want I. Mean That's essentially what the social contract is. But I wanted to determine by one. We one fight boxing. You know not not with guns or swords or anything I want I want. I want judgment by the Gods in the rain between Ted Cruz and Ron Perlman. Give me this. Please just give me this. It's all it's. It's all I want Ya. People talk about like. If time travel invented what they do and they all I'd go kill Hitler I'd go sink the titanic, a purpose I would go back and just add. I would have to learn French I. But I would add just a paragraph to the social contract by John Jock, so that says Ron Perlman. beat the Faulk at a Ted. Cruz every polices. I. If if this is a pick, your fighter scenario might. I know my fighter going forward after the Ron. Perlman inaugural `bout If they want to send anyone after a sunken at a choose Kevin Lee that you have see fighter who knocked out that white supremacist, and that made it instagram captured that, said Bernie, Sanders, you bastards, he's. He's he's my pick. All right. I got you after Ron Perlman. Who will be of course dubbed King of the Dome and Sir Sharon tag team champions of the Dome. On the lurk looking for more fire between this this this feud between Perelman and crews and Mitch McConnell I decided to in Ron Perlman Ted Cruz, and the twitter, and here's a tweet. I found. Ted. Cruz, a forty nine year. Old Man is hiding behind Jim. Jordan a fifty six year, old man to avoid an ass, whooping from Ron Perlman, a seventy year, old man and Ted thinks that makes ron look weak ted. You haven't looked this week since trump called your wife ugly, and you kissed his ass as thanks, and that comes to us from at MED. Oh, I might just spell it. Any B. R. A. N. N.. A. N. Med Ranan. Okay, that's accurate. I just want to give credit since those were not my own words. But yeah, that's the situation that we're looking at two. Younger men. Against one seventy year, old man. There's no logic. Any more in the world. Logic is dead. Yeah pretty much I. I would agree with that. I it's just it's sad. It's sad when when when? We find ourselves looking into the face of insanity and all we can do is reporting on it. WHAT THE FUCK! Yeah you'd think people would have thought better of any of this at this point and I know there's a I mean. There's obviously a lot huger things going on, but I feel like this tweet. Exchange it capturing like facet of it. Where like you said people are. They're getting fed up. With the system and the system isn't doing anything to alleviate that, and this is happening a multiple fronts. This is happening on the black lives matter front and the police reform front, which are one and the same. It's also happening on the covid front, and now it's just happening across twitter at large. I really think that we're in a situation I. I really think that we're in. A psychological ideological pressure cooker I feel like pressures are continuously rising as a result of the global pandemic, because now people are are stuck inside all the time. Number of distractions are lower so were just faced. Every single day with the the naked fact of how evil and corrupt, the system we live in is, and that's making some people doubled down on defending that system, so they're becoming much more odious or are racist or fascist, and some people are doubling down on their hatred of that system and are getting more and more. Actively, like violently anti-fascist, which to be clear I support. Yeah, absolutely, Fascism never be supported at I Think, maybe from joking perspective that at times like this Ted. Cruz is facing all those backlash. He instant like immediately grabbed his phone in tweets out to the guy who made quickly like you're stupid. APP isn't doing its job. Your Apple Listen, we gave. We. Gave you all Epstein Money, so you'd make an absolute people would forget. What we are, we gave you the Epstein Money, so people would watch. People would watch the short TV shows instead of holding US accountable Wehbe. or like he hops on email and just quickly shoots WB message. What do you mean tenant was delayed again ten? It's the only thing that's GonNa going to distract people from how inept we are. You get you. Get Chris Nolan the bone. Did you see? Did you see how long game of thrones last and how? What we're just watching game of thrones, rather than caring about everything bad. That was happening in the country. We slept. We slipped in, but now it's over and people don't even talk about it anymore. We are going to have three sequels, so people wouldn't have to think about Shitty shitty country is for what are we have westworld? Only nerds watch westworld quimby. The I have several thoughts like. The twisted world that we live in where. DND The show runners for game of thrones, tank, the reputation and their career by making the finale suck. For the sole purpose of getting people to pay attention to wake up, it hurts nothing. Real Christopher Nolan move. Here telling me the twist and this this awful story that we're living in as they're actually the fucking heroes how a they're not the heroes we wanted here. It's. Because everyone kept, ask themselves in the game of thrones finale. Like why would anyone make this? It doesn't even make sense in and what they did. Is there actually genius show runners on storytellers because they made a final season that was bad, but also one that you could never talk about. Yeah, no like. The show was dead overnight and I guess a budget. People woke up the next day and say wait a second. Trump is president now? Where did that happen? I mean. In some Kinda shitty ways I feel like in the real world that is kind of flood a lot of people did they stop caring about the one thing they cared about on the L. and then of injuries endgame came out after that people care less about marvel movies, but you know who the secret hero is. Ron Perlman, but who? The the secret hero j.j Abrams. Be. Making. Oh, no, he made he. made the I made the only star wars movie that you didn't remember after you left the theater, and no one talked about he had the world in the palm of his hand, and then he let it go, so people could be one with the world again. He gave us the best resolution to star wars ever which is star wars on its deathbed slowly, let go of our hands, and we let star wars go, and now we have to live where the rebellion. In the popular NICKELODEON show Avatar. The last air bender. This might be mild spoilers for a show that is more than ten years old. There is a society of master benders in skilled people. Called the White Lotus. And they get together to ensure that balance. Is preserved a matter who the powers that be actually are. And so what you're proposing proposing, John. Is that very famous directors and show runners. Got Together and colluded so that all of their long go ongoing cultural movements that enthralled people so strongly either ended fizzled out into nothing all around the.

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