Sigma Chi Fraternity, Tom Brokaw, George Herbert Walker Bush discussed on Sean Hannity


I'm just saying listen, we're going to have to make some decisions here is a culture as a society as a country Stanford University told the sigma Chi fraternity to remove its American flag. Why Stanford to improve their image ministry, reportedly told the fraternity the flag could be seen as intimidating aggressive and alienating. Is this is this the country? We want the greatest generation of George Herbert Walker Bush and people like my father the fought for years in World War Two, and so many others in that with Tom Brokaw called the greatest generation an American flag. We're gonna we're gonna now teach kids in college that that flag is seen as intimidating aggressive, and alienating. When all the our treasure, our, kids blood shed lives lost limbs lost, you know, faces destroyed in war, no country, ever accumulating, more power and using it for the good than this one. And we're saying that in college to our kids, and we'll tell him five year olds at Santa doesn't exist. Because we don't we let them run away with the culture. There's no stopping them. This is where I keep warning. You we have we have a dual Justice system. We don't apply the laws equally. We don't have equal Justice under the law or equal application of always we're gonna lose it..

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