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From NPR news I'm Laxmi saying the U. S. house is poised to approve the latest wave of coronavirus relief amounting to nearly a half trillion dollars and peers Windsor Johnston says if it clears today's vote as expected the bill goes to the president a large chunk of the funding will replenish the paycheck protection program to help small businesses stay afloat it will also provide additional aid to hospitals and help expand testing for the corona virus this relief package is the fourth major bill passed by Congress to address the public health and economic crisis brought on by the pandemic the government's latest national report card gives unsatisfactory marks to the nation's eighth graders on US history geography and civics this at a time when the national conversation about the state of our democracy and standing in the world is dialed up the World Health Organization is at the center of the diplomatic dispute between the US and China over who's to blame for the public health crisis now engulfing this country and peers Emily Feng says the days after trump said he'd stop all U. S. funding to the W. H. O. China announced it would step up with an additional thirty million dollars Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying wrote on Twitter that quote supporting the W. H. O. is supporting multilateralism and global solidarity earlier this month president trump said he was holding U. S. funding for the global health body after trouble edge the W. H. O. ET China and covering up and mismanaging its initial epidemic this is NPR news from KCRW on cherry Glazer with this local news update LA mayor Eric Garcetti says corona virus tests will be available for all essential workers in the area starting today health care professionals grocery store workers first responders and critical government personnel can get a test even if you don't have symptoms the region is expected to have its first heat wave of the summer this weekend and temperatures in some spots could head into the nineties both the mayor and LA police chief Michael Moore are warning people to stay away from parks and beaches to slow the spread of covert nineteen Garcetti says the city will open cooling centers if needed several nearby counties have allowed some public spaces to remain open Garcia said he says he respects that some communities are different but an outbreak that happens in a neighboring county will affect us it'll come here Garcetti says the protest open up businesses don't factor into these decisions and that he's relying on science and the guidance of county health officials a federal judge says he will deny move by three southern California churches to hold in person church services during the pandemic as KCRW's Larry pearl reports the judge says the government's emergency powers are more important than what a normal times would be fundamental constitutional rights U. S. district judge cases per all in Los Angeles said yesterday he will reject the temporary restraining order the church's sought against governor Newsom and other officials they argued that the state to stay home orders violate the first amendment right to freedom of religion and assembling many churches have been holding online services and state officials said last week religious organizations can have drive in services so long as congregants don't have personal contact attorney Harmeet Dhillon is a California Republican Party official she says it's unfair for the state to allow people to go to the grocery store or pick up meals while blocking religious services but she said for many is just as essential she said the move might increase health risks by driving church course to attend secret services the lawsuit was filed by three churches in San Bernadino and riverside counties for KCRW I'm Larry Parral and one group that seems to be loving California stay at home orders the national and state parks in the state excuse me wild animals in national and state parks in the state they're reclaiming open spaces they normally share with hikers outdoor enthusiasts and tourists but it's a mixed bag for zoo animals creatures and critters at the Oakland zoo were reportedly dejected in board mount lines are lazing around in their habitat while monkeys sit idly in the trees LA times reports of visitors seem to provide the animals with a constant source of stimulation support for NPR comes from tire rack offering a tire decision guide.

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