Cleveland, City Hall, Commissioner discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Every hiring you die before you i'm quite lewis this is round zero it's a nightmare the violent crime is out of control intact this from fox cleveland another chilling violent crime report says cleveland councilman michel bon sect calling for city hall to take drastic measures to protect the streets in his what albon quibble a group of our men got into a shoot out along busy streets in the open it sent multiple people to the hospital in an innocent child barely escaped serious injury a she was grazed by a stray bullet pensec is expected to release a statement calling for the state to provide help in policing with city streets perhaps through the highway patrol or other means last week ponset called for the city to declare a state of emergency be the crime after a priest was attacked policymakers repeatedly said that he doesn't think cleveland has enough police officers to show a presence on the streets to deter crime and many of the alarming violent crimes are showing now a need for desperate immediate action could it be that this is how it begins how do we sidestepped policy color tell us how do we deploy more feet on the ground boots on the ground and battlefield america either the national guard or as was suggested by the cook county commissioner richard boy can un troops on the ground and why are they are fifty heavilyarmored united nations vehicles in a parking lot near the us government owned building it's a warehouse why are they ready for deployment and why am i getting information from people who live in chicago saying is that these un vehicles rain seen for a.

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