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And now the WGN chilly forecast, here's meteorologist. Tom. Skilling frigid weather has arrived. We had a minus six this morning and have risen only to single digits today. The first time we've had zero lows in single digit highs a cold weekends ahead snow in the area. Now, be exiting and the next year will hours, and we have another little snow system tomorrow night and the order of flurries, but a big storm could be developing Sunday night Monday with wind and snow and record breaking cold perhaps the coldest in over two decades coming into the area. Temperatures could be dropping to twenty below zero by the morning hours of next Wednesday and Thursday in the short term snow this evening half inch to an inch and a half accumulation then partial clearing, bitterly cold overnight, three below in the loop nine below here. Fourteen below inland shattered as mixed clouds continued quite cold high ten Saturday night. More clouds, some flurries and snow showers. Low one above and Sunday, mixed sunshine and cold snow will develop at night late. It. Night daytime highs Sunday fourteen and then Monday snowy and windy with a snowstorm potential. Significant snow accumulations can't be ruled out high twenty seven and Tuesday. The bitter cold is in tow. Again, partly cloudy, windy, bitterly cold, temperatures five and falling below zero Wednesday record cold lowest temperatures in two decades with sun and clouds, windy, passing flurries and temperatures remaining zero all day from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling right now here for midway five lake forest for the winds blowing from the southwest at eight miles an hour the barometer steady along the lakefront six the wind chill nine below. I'm Kim Gordon and the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Hello. Twenty nineteen now on seven.

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