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But he needed a caused one to make his own soon. He would finally three years before walkers dual in eighteen forty eight. The us war with mexico had ended with the treaty of guadalupe although the treaty brought more than half a million square miles of north west mexico into the united states and for years after the treaty vast swaths of land on both sides of the new border remained lawless no-man's-lands french mercenaries and adventurers poured into this chaotic region seeking to create a french control buffer zone between the us and mexico. All of them ultimately failed after succumbing to a mix disease internal strife and raids by native apache clans and mexican ranchers the tales of these french colonialist dreamers captured walkers imagination despite their failures they made for flashy headlines in eighteen fifty to one brigade of just two hundred men briefly captured the military for her maceo. The capital of the mexican state of sonora reading about their exploits walker was riveted at the time walker had switched careers yet again and was now in the midst of an unremarkable. Stint as a lawyer in marysville just north of sacramento he handled at least forty cases by eighteen. Fifty two winning twenty four and losing sixteen. His reputation was middling future. Supreme court justice stephen j field described him as possessing a sharp but not very profound intellect saying that he seldom convinced either judge or jury but now inspired by tales of french adventurers and mexico walker hatched an audacious plan he two co conspirators would seek mexico's permission to establish a settlement in northern sonora at guatemala's nestled on the placid sea of cortez in western mexico in return they would safeguard the local villagers and ranchers from apache and comanche raiders and bands of mexican and american outlaws alike. They intended to guide. The region to american statehood. Much like texas had done several years. Prior on june thirtieth eighteen fifty three walker and his accomplices boarded. A ship called the arrow and set sail for sonora on a reconnaissance mission. They landed a few days later. As the sun set over the sea of cortez the governor of sonora tipped off as to walkers intentions immediately ordered the intruders. Detained mexico refused to grant walker permission to leave the confines of house. Arrest let alone attempt to establish his proposed colony while under the watch of mexican authorities walker cut a curious figure to the locals he wore an oversized white for hat and ill-fitting poorly tailored clothes. He locked as one observer said as unprepossessing a person as one could meet half the dread which the mexicans had a filibusters banished when they saw such an insignificant looking specimen after a month under house arrest walker gave up an agreed to abandon his plans for a settlement the mexican authorities released him and put him on a ship. Back to san francisco but walker was undeterred. Throughout his filibustering career walker responded to defeats and setbacks with greater ambition. He believed that his plan and sonora failed not because he was too audacious but because it was not audacious enough upon his return to american soil walker wrote a comparatively small body of americans might gain a position on the sonoran frontier and protect the families on the border from indians. Such an act would be one of justice whether or not sanctioned by the mexican government so he began to make plans in earnest for an even greater.

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