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KTAR news. Arizona's news station. KTAR news on ninety two three SM Bruce, Saint Jeeves and Pamela Hughes. It was almost a year ago. Yeah. March of two thousand eighteen is when we heard the story of a woman struck by a self driving car, but a lot of people said was the first time one of these autonomous vehicle. Self driving vehicles had actually killed a human happened right here in Tempe. Then we saw the the the grainy black and white video from inside the vehicle looking out. An Uber fundamentally changed some of its policies here. Because of I think it's important to point out that it was Uber because we still have a lot of Waymo 's driving around the the valley, and it wasn't Waymo further along I think in their self driving car technology, these are competing technology. Yeah. An uber. You know decided to get out of the game. Then eventually, but yes, we had last March a woman who was struck and killed in Tempe by an Uber car in the self-driving mode. The family has now filed a ten million dollar claim against the city of Tempe. The family of Elaine Hertzberg has filed a ten million dollar claim against the city pointing out the city installed a brick pathway in the median, even though people were not supposed to cross there that break since been removed. ABC fifteen reports to claim a seeking five million a piece for hers, her husband and daughter. She was killed last March near mill avenue in curry road. The city of timpee is not comedy. Getting because it's pending litigation. Yeah. I get why they wouldn't comment. Sure. But understand that. But there's a lot of questions about that. Well, there are facts we start with that the autonomous vehicle. Yeah. Did strike her. Yes. There was an operator. Would you? Call the person behind the wheel. Let's go with operator, but they were not driving the vehicle. It was in self driving mode at the time. Yes. The person was crossing illegally illegally. That's not an excuse to run into people, but they were not in a crosswalk marked crosswalk lit area. They were going across road. And when you look at the video pretty dark area, we're going to the point that I think if you were being honest with yourself a lot of us driving a vehicle that time. It might it might have ended the same. Whether it was a self driving vehicle or not had you not noticed this person in the dark crossing in the middle of a ball. Okay. But so there's ten million dollar claim. With the family is saying is. Yeah. Even though she wasn't supposed to be crossing in that area. Right jaywalking. I guess that kind of thing, but the city installed a brick pathway in the median. So they cut the median and put a little briefing in there. So that people could cross so does that does that contribute to the city's responsibility liability? Okay. Let's go with that. Because I think there's there's a lot of blame to go around. And and I'm not trying to be disparaging in blaming individual. Who is no longer with us. Well, she was partly responsible. Uber partly responsible. We learned a lot about the technology. They had on the car. How it was tuned down. The driver wasn't paying attention over bear, some responsibility greed, and all of this the the woman who who crossed in that part of Tempe with it being dark, not in a crosswalk bear, some responsibility in this. And now, you know Tempe does Tempe now bear some responsibility. Because. They had a pathway in the median, which would lead me to believe that. Yeah. Okay. You know, what this is something that I can cross and I can use does that now mean Tempe bear, some of the responsibility. Ten million dollar responsibility. I'm not exactly sure that. Attorneys are going to have to battle out. But the claim seeks five million dollars for the woman's husband and another five million for her daughter. I know. Of course, we can have sympathy. Oh, absolutely. And their loss is incalculable in the in the terms of dollars. I've I've just never gotten to the point when I watched the video. I've never gotten to the point that I think the the number one factor was the autonomous vehicle that was the number one factor. I think it was. Oh, okay. I don't think the fact that it was an autonomous self driving computer driving. Whatever you want to. That isn't the major issue too. It's the major issue for you. A pedestrian in the middle of the street in the pitch black not across. Okay. So does it mean you can run into not? And it's not death race two thousand you. You can't anthem and get points. That's not what I'm saying. I just keep putting myself if I would have been in the car at that point would I have been able to react quick enough and avoid a person walking in front of the car in a place where again as a driver you'd say, I did not expect someone to be walking there. Okay. So let's let's game theory that out a little bit. Let's say. This woman made the same decision. Okay. And instead of it being a self driving car. It was a regular, Bob. Okay. It was a wheel. And struck this woman and killed her. With a family Sobe suing for ten million. Would they have the same argument? Because here's the thing. They could potentially still have the same argument there arguing that by Tempe. Putting in a brick pathway median a median cut, they cut the median. So that you could walk across it without having. And by that she was pushing a bicycle remember. Yeah. By tempe. Putting that in did it signal like this is okay to cross here. And does that regardless of who is behind the wheel, or what kind of vehicle, it was is it the fact that the message the city sent to that woman and others who've probably used it countless numbers are times safely was the message the city sent its okay to cross here. And and what what responsibility did city of Tempe have to either market as a bike crossway crosswalk. Light it in some way. Because it can we giving knowledge it was dark in that area. Right. Yes. You know? I mean, there was wasn't underneath a street lamp it wasn't a well. Lit intersection. Nothing like that. I think because it's Uber. It this is why obviously why it's getting the kind of notoriety because we know how dangerous it is for pedestrians in the in the city of Phoenix were one of the worst cities when a right cars and pedestrians and an injuries and fatalities. We are we are uniquely bad at it for a variety of different reasons. So that happens, sadly often and ninety nine point nine percent of the time. It happens with a human behind the wheel. Sure, you know, when I lived off of what thirty six and McDowell I like to call it a transitional neighborhood. I would drive down McDowell. And it was like running the gauntlet with the amount of people just walking across McDowell. And I'm good. It's no wonder that so many people are hit by cars in Phoenix. But here's the deal if you decide to cross mid street without a crosswalk. That's a bad choice on your part. You have some responsibility in avoiding cars. But if the city sends the message that it's okay because they put a pathway in the median. Who bears the responsibility? I still think it's it's a shared responsibility. But what percentage I dunno again? It's something that the the attorneys and the city is going to have to figure out as the family of the woman who was struck by the self-driving Uber car last March. Yeah, has filed a ten million dollar claim with Tempe? I'm going up on a year for them. Now pay attention to that. Obviously the Super Bowl was less. The numbers say that seventeen million Americans whereas that did not show up at work today. Seventeen million Americans have the sniffles sore throat. I've got an earache boss, Eric, my I food poisoning. That's all the food point. Now, I thought food poisoning. Now, it's Margaret. Is what it is. And maybe a lot of them. Don't remember much past the halftime show. We're gonna talk about the halftime show as the jokes keep flying. But I think there's some solid questions. We need to ask about it. For goodness sakes. We're going to get to the bottom of it. Right after Bob McClay checks in with our top stories..

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