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I think it's the gay community the gay community has been irked if you ever watch some of these gay news i didn't watch the reason because it changed because he because he was undercover he was on the download aims were out on his case for being closeted into an extreme okay will there you go i mean i would you'd listen to these guys nee i can remember the guy's name is a guy and a woman there to do this game news the weekly on free speech tv and they're just you know just a beyond beyond beyond pitching abides kevin spacey and calling him out and could condemning him i think that this was the community itself and that's why i think the way he handled it was to get the he knew what was going on you had to get ahead of your get again no no i wasn't getting ahead of it he was he was good he says look yeah i been harassing young gay a young men because i'm gay pride dad was to me any did caused the backlash within the gay community iguodala what does the associating pedophilia with us us a man that's what he did he did it on purpose strike counters counterstrike now gun good good one now you're probably right about that well bill maher kind of made our point four us in an odd way in extremely uh female unfriendly finish of this segment of rivalry i've noticed that america lately that there's something wrong with dudes recent stories of sexual harassment or about many things like misogyny and white privilege and old fashioned being a pig but.

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