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The. The! Deadline was Wednesday for the New England patriots in Joe -Tuni- to reach an extension in in happen. So, what does that mean? I'm Sierra goodwill here with Evan Lazar now we know that cap hit is high for Tunisia. But why do you think this decision was ultimately made by both your organization, in Tunisia to not agree to an extension yet while for tuning, this is a great deal for him. You know you walk home with fifteen million bucks for one year of service. You'RE NOT GONNA. Complain too much and really I think what. What happened with the negotiation is for weeks. Now sort of the the word on the street is that the two sides are pretty far apart? There's an sizable gap between where he wants to be where the team feels comfortable, extending him a lot of the reason why some of these franchise tag players are not reaching extensions with their teams Dak Prescott Donnegan Gawk Way -Tuni-. Other guys is because of the pandemic teams are kind of reluctant to hand out. Big money deals not knowing exactly how the salary cap is going to be. Impacted here by Covid Nineteen, so I think the biggest thing for the Patriots and -Tuni- is that they get them around here for one more season they put an offensive line in front of whoever's under center that's going to give them a rock solid unit upfront and revisited with Judy next offseason, but right now they're pretty far apart. We'll the current circumstances definitely could have played into this Kobe nineteen economic impacts of that. Probably on both tuning and the Patriots mind. Do you think these two will come to an extension agreement in the future? Because obviously the patriots value -Tuni- as a player right and they can also still trade -Tuni- on the tag. I should mention that just because this deadline has passed doesn't mean that the trade is off the table but I don't think the trade is necessarily going to happen. Because of those grievance settlements that they got within Tonio. Brown and Aaron Hernandez. They have that wiggle room now on the CAP, so they don't necessarily need to go in there and get a contract extension done to lower his cap number this season because they're tied up. Up against it, so with that wiggle room with that cushion, I think that they will keep him this year and not trade him, but that being said in terms of what the future holds for Joe Tony, he is going to get a top of the market deal. He one of the best pass protectors among any offensive Lineman, tackle-center or guard. He's one of the best the league protecting the passer. That's obviously what the League is all about nowadays so I think that the Patriots are going to have to offer him a very competitive market deal to keep him in new. England I don't necessarily see that happening I think he will cash out next offseason season. This patriots press pass has been brought to you by masterclass. Get unlimited access to every masterclass. Nasim press castle listener, you get fifteen percent off the annual. All Access Passion masterclass DOT COM SLASH CNS NS. There is no shortage of action going on at our exclusive partner bid. Online sports are slowly making its way back with the UFC NASCAR and soccer leading the way, but online has all the best in lines for the upcoming matches this weekend. Need more that online has simulated NFL NBA, and UFC happening every day. Live for you to check out looking for something else other than sports, but online has hundreds of live. Casino, Games Poker tournaments, and all the best props in the Business Visit Online, dot, AG, or use your mobile device in join now to receive your new welcome bonus in start playing today, but online your online sportsbook experts..

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