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Today. Planned Parenthood goes to court in Missouri. I'm Noel king. And I'm Rachel Martin organization wants the court to allow abortions to continue at Saint Louis clinic, the last clinic in the state to provide abortions. And for years, he helped Bush are all hold power. Nell, one Syrian manage sharing details from inside the Assad regime with journalists Sam dagger and CBD compound made from cannabis as a growing industry. Should it be regulated? It's Thursday, may thirtieth, let it go singer, Dina Mandel turned forty eight. The news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. Louisiana's Republican controlled legislature has approved a strict new abortion ban that would apply before many women even know that they are pregnant NPR's, Debbie Elliott reports the state's democratic governor says he will sign it. Louisiana lawmakers gave final approval to a Bill that outlaws abortion wants a heartbeat can be detected. Typically in about six weeks with no exceptions for cases of rape, or incest. In a statement, Louisiana, self described pro-life governor John Bel Edwards democrat said he's preparing to sign the Bill. He's up for reelection later this year, similar bans by states in the south and mid west of already been challenged as unconstitutional, but antiabortion law makers are emboldened by a conservative majority US supreme court and her trying to test Roe v way the landmark decision legalizing abortion, Debbie Elliott NPR news. Planned. Parenthood is going to court today in Missouri seeking a restraining order against state. Officials Planned Parenthood wants to make sure it's clinic in Saint Louis can continue to provide abortions. Missouri has declined to renew the clinics license if it shuts down Friday night, Missouri will become the first US state that does not have a clinic, providing abortions since nineteen seventy four House Democrats will have another chance to pass nineteen billion dollar disaster aid Bill today. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports the measure stalled previously after two Republican lawmakers raised objections House Democrats were hoping for quick passage this week after the measure cleared the Senate last week, but Republicans are blocking it some are insisting that the Bill include funding to address immigration issues at the southern border. And with most lawmakers out of town for the Memorial Day, recess. Passage in the house has to be unanimous. If the Bill fails again today, the house will vote next week when the full. Chamber returns, NPR's Windsor, Johnston reporting President Trump will deliver the commencement address today at the US air force academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado public radio's Bente Berquin reports nearly a thousand cadets will be graduating. This will be President Trump's first public event in Colorado, since he was elected in twenty sixteen Colorado was considered a swing state, and ultimately went for Hillary Clinton. The last sitting president to deliver the commencement address to the air force academy was President Obama over Memorial Day weekend. The vice president spoke to US military academy graduates at West Point and promoted Trump support for the troops. For NPR news. I'm bent Brooklyn in Denver. On Wall Street, stocks are mixed. The Dow Jones industrial average is down thirteen points at twenty five thousand one hundred fifteen the NASDAQ is up about fourteen seventy five hundred sixty one. The hasn't P five hundred is up three. This is NPR. Are from K Q, E, D news. I'm Brian watt. House speaker and San Francisco congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has harsh words for Facebook after the company declined to remove doctored video of her from its site. The altered video was edited to slow. The San Francisco congresswoman speech and make her appear confused during a press conference when asked to remove the video officials from Facebook said it did not violate quote community standards in quote. Here's Pelosi speaking, decay, D, I believe that Facebook has proven by not taking down something. They know is false that they were willing enablers of the Russian interference in our elections, Pelosi also questioned if the company would leave up such video if one of their own likes EEO, Mark Zuckerberg was being depicted, the same way, Facebook did not immediately return a request for comet, nurses at Zuckerberg, San Francisco, General hospital are locked in a dispute with. City over staffing issues. The nurses union in the city of been negotiating since February Nora Lisa Cooper is a registered nurse at the hospital..

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