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Best. John doesn't matter short season. We'll talk about that too. Because i got asked this question last night about the national national league cy young award someone said what. No max read is a finalist and you got the graham in there. How do you feel about that. I was like hey listen. I said this during the season. I said this way way way before the finalists came out. Yeah you miss time. That's it in a sixty game season that's gonna cost. You like people are going to pass you by if you're if you're on the injured list and you miss a start here you miss a start there so yeah. I have no problem with that. It is in a sixty game set missing missing a start or missing to starts out of the twelve that you may have made eleven or twelve. That's a big deal you like. You made twenty eight starts out of the thirty three you could have potentially made. That's not what we're talking about here. So yes it's almost like a prerequisite to even being available to win. These awards is making each start. If you're a pitch and then you kind of go from there obviously production's going to start taking care of itself but shit like this is exactly. Why like you said you get fired up about award season because you almost are taking issue with how you're deciding who are going to be the people that i get to choose from or the people that we get to choose from that performed the best. It's the process that you get fired up about more so than the actual into result unless it's just an absolutely egregious decision and you're like skews me stopping. Also free agency is underway. We've had some options decline. Some some gentlemen are free agents that perhaps you did not expect them to be free agents this offseason news knowing that we've we've got some. We've got some names. Go down and i don't know that we're going to place them just yet because it's going to be a weird off. It's going to be a weirdo seized in terms of like who spending teams that you would expect to spend. They're not spending. Who's going to take advantage of a wide open market because you know you've got the small market teams that are going to be small market teams. You've got the middle of the pack teams. Where i guess that all depends on. Do we think we can compete in the future. If we're going to spend some money right now then you've got your big market teams. Where some of them are going to play broke. They're going to site cova in and the financial losses of twenty twenty and forecasting losses. Because right now we don't know we don't know if there's going to be fans coming back. Yes we had fans at the world series. But that's in texas texas thinks that it's its own country so you can't you can't say well they had fans in texas and it'd be like well that's that means for sure that they're going to have fans in california and wherever else new york like. That's just not how that goes. It's not a league thing. It's a state shirt is sure you know jerry. That's you just get to pick your science. That's what this world is all about today. Like you pick your state you get to pick your science tune so whether or not that state believes that site you. It doesn't matter so it's not. It's all objective. It's however you view right so with with the covid situation. We don't know what attendance is going to look like. You could have these ballparks. We're we're open to one hundred percent capacity and then you know thirty percent capacity shows up because people don't wanna fucking risk covert and who knows what it's going to look like four or five months from now we don't know so that factors free agency if teams are forecasting even more losses moving forward. So also we don't know what the postseason looks like. We don't yeah that's the other thing too. It's like that's absurd. Things establish right now but is it or is it already established jared or is it already established and they just haven't made it public because you actually believe that teams are making these kinds of business decisions without any idea. What so ever what. The postseason looks like like sit back big of a deal to not have leaked like if there's a general understanding that we're gonna go to. Let's call it fourteen postseason teams because the two best records get a get a by or something. I feel like at least 'cause i remember when we were talking about like the labor negotiations and they were laying all these different scenarios. That shit was leaking every day. And what do we say we were like. We don't think that these are proposed plans. That are actually going to happen. Like these ideas are literally just some guy sitting at a table spitballing to a room like. Hey here's this idea. Hey here's that idea. And then those ideas were being reported as potential rock solid plans moving forward like everything was leaking there so you have to expose rose things to leak. If they're on the table you got to understand the time and place though and what was going on and what role. That information was playing at that time. That was cherry on top of the sunday. Every time you brought that up. That's just another topping on top of this for us to digest during a perceived labor negotiation before the cbi was actually occurring and that was the how many games are. We gonna play the the money situation. The covert situation. That's what that conversation was about. And that's where that got placed into that conversation as just another point of just another topic to talk about during this negotiation or whatever it is well now as we sit here today that is not the purpose and that is not the role that this information is playing in the game at this time. This is information that absolutely needs to be decided and should be decided and should be known so that teams can now do business according to not inform your business group on how they can approach things that seems like a horrible horrible way to go about business. So if i'm looking at these thirty owners or ownership groups thirty organizations. I find it really really tough to believe that they wake up each and every day today yesterday tomorrow not having any idea whatsoever what. The postseason format looks like next year. Because that would absolutely give them an of who they are as a club what they need to compete next year and how they could go about doing that how they could go about securing their position within their division within their leak all based on what we have and what that does for us competitive wise based on who they're letting into the postseason so for them to just not have that information that's laughable to me that is that's just not true. Yeah that's basically like i mean. Yeah we got a test on friday. What's it on figure it out. Don't know yeah remember. Remember these are the same. These are the same people who wanted you to just believe what they're telling you when it comes to revenue instead of showing you what it actually is. That's the same group of people the people who didn't want to open up their books and wanted you to just believe are the same people who are making these kinds of moves right now. Colton wong siu later but we just don't really know what the postseason is going to look like. We're not really sure right now. Fucking right let me ask you this question because i haven't asked you this yet..

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