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Yeah. What did everybody and welcome to another episode of the what's good games, podcasts your source for video game news, commentary analysis and funny stuff every Friday? I'm Andrea Rene joined by the blonde nerd miss. Britney brumbach. And Christine sirens. No. Welcome back ladies to United States. It's good to be back. It is very good to be back. I am going to text my husband because one of the fine folks that we met in London got me book about British slang, and my new goal in life is to say something every podcast, but I don't have the book. You have your phone so you can text them. You can bring you the book. This is a necessary thing. Yeah. So we learned a lot of slang from our friends across the pond over in London town. We're gonna be talking all about our trip to the UK in the third segment of the show today. But a huge, thank you to everybody who came out to the meet and greet, at the marquee of Westminster, we had a fantastic time chatting with all of you, and, like I mentioned, we'll recap everything we did while we were over there, a little bit later on in the show. But we've got a lot of stuff to talk about because e three is upon us. So we've got a lot of e three plans to go over. But before I get to that, I want to remind you guys is pride month. Happy pride everybody as a nod to our friends of the LGBTQ community. We are doing a special promotion in our merch store if you go to what's good games dot com slash store..

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