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But this doesn't really speak to me. I need a pitch. I need to see what it is. I to me the playing. Pretend it just doesn't do anything for me. i listen. i'm not saying no. But i need a like a more a more specific pitch that structured. I want how about this if we wanna put it in the waiting room. I'll go to rich. See know if he has an idea of what would wanna do get like one decision. Point as like a sampler. Yeah exactly okay. I'm up for that. But i but i think that this is a fun idea. I do think the idea of. I've there might be like a psychological barrier to entry when it comes to your point and about like i don't want to necessarily play. Pretend but i think the more you hop into it and the more you get into it almost from like the brand steel perspective. Actually the more the more you'll surprisingly be amenable to a lot of the stuff that rpg's provide. Mike did what what was the best from the listeners tweets. You got dozens of tweets from the listener. I did get dozens of tweets. Here all right so i. I'm gonna go from trek to shrek here. Because i do not think so. I tweeted out here in all caps. Quick give me the first hashtag mailbag idea that comes to your head. Don't even think about it. I really wanted to like shoot from the hip. The knee jerk reactions here. I do not think that this is a middle ea- a impulsive tweet from shut up damage because he has this idea brewing for a while. But i want to bring it up while. I'm on the podcast here because let's go from track to shrek. Robin cuba become shrek. Spurts you they reach into a shrek cookie jar provided by him and pull out one of these shrek related properties and cover it which span six movies one musical ten shorts five tv episodes. Basically talk all things. Shrek as it gets you caught up on. Just how much of a mean word the community. The shrek fans are the me. It's a mean were-they community. I mean the the. I feel like millennials have really fallen in love with shrek in many ways. Women's mentioned of all star. I don't even want to go down the darkened dirty rabbit hole. That is sonic x shrek. Fan fiction slash art sonic x shrek that sonic versus shrek. Oh no quite the opposite times shrek. Sonic Sonic bump. Uglies with shrek is more so what has sex with shrek. Sonic has sex with shrek and occasionally gets pregnant. How do you know about this elicit i. I'm on the beat of internet's of internet mike von incognito mode heard listen. I could search literally right now. I don't know and that's why the internet sometimes it is for the laws that serve as what the millennial slash gen z. Culture is about you will see google. This does he. Princess fiona know about this. I mean i would assume maybe it's sort of like an open marriage type of thing. Maybe shrek shrek and donkey. I could see that but where does sonic the hedgehog come into this. I mean sonic himself like he. I i think maybe it was sort of done for the randoms at first and then it just sort of kept snowballing from their point. Noble where where it has become. Well that's maybe one of the moves that they do but to the point where it has become its whole thing where there's fan fiction about it. There are heaps and heaps of drawings though. Yeah for many different reasons. Shrek has made his way. This area has been busy working on right. Be careful what you wish for. That's all i'm saying. Yeah 'cause you're weird hair. I don't even see them together. I mean maybe it's one of those things opposites attract you know a big green ogre and a small big lumbering oath and sonic like fast. I mean you'd have to assume like one. Is the big spin on the little spin right along who i think of the size differential makes it obviously does really really need some care but i don't think science sonic like twig arms. I don't think he's really gonna.

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