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One thing he took the side of mohammed ali in a time when the country was very divided perhaps even more divided than it is today you ida vietnam war raging the younger people were all against it some of the older people the veterans of world war two at the time were staunchly for it and trying to wipe out communism or at least not timeliness and see communism advance in asia so they were all for the war and you had a lot of street brawls and here was a guy like co shell taking the side of a gentleman who was i called cash clay and then changed his name to muhammad ali and he fended him and said look he's got the right to change his name and he's got the right from a religious beliefs not to be drafted into the military and people disliked cosell for just that reason but doing them both grew almost in lockstep because we're always together and people either hated them or love them but he cosell was the most recognized figure at the time of any sports personality and he would also criticize athletes which was something that wasn't done until howard cosell came to the fore for instance one of my early recollections i'm sixty six and was a nineteen sixty two in the mets went into business and he did the pre and post game shows and those shows were a must listen you have to listen to them because coach show would say things that no other pre post announcer would do for instance one day i remember this he took a shot at the mets first year manager casey stangl who at the time was seventy and he accused cosell did casey stengel of falling asleep on the bench of the doug dugout it just never did that before so he did that and then of course in nineteen seventy monday night football went on the air holiday picked him to anchor coverage and to what we were talking about the four it became more than just scorza transcended sports and became an entertainment show monday night football did so cosell was a part of that he'll be remembered for monday night football it'll be remembered for boxing and he'll be remembered almost as a.

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