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Citizens Bank park badness, as the Braves are now winning in the twelfth ending of the Marlins seven six with two outs into ones in the top of the night that top of the twelfth inning Braves are in Miami brays were down five one going in the ninth inning scored four runs the tight, I don't think they're going away. And if they win just a game one eight eight seven through nine just a game ahead of bind the Phillies. One eight eight seven to nine hundred ninety four pound ninety four ninety four the AT and T Verizon wireless cell phone. Patrick Lehigh valley on final ninety w I pay rally got a couple of points. Why wasn't like this side of the third baseman before the season started? I guess they wanted to give mckell Franco and king rechannel the beat each other out king should be playing surveys, a need to get a center fielder in here this week, any peace defensive-minded. I cannot tolerate. Cal Franko is third base anymore, where Kingery he's out there. Coincidence, all kinds stuff back and forth for the petition king has been yanked back and forth, all year. And he was third base should be also played centuries played second played shore one game. I think he's, he's he can't play centerfield, rob. What's that, that double switch today literally almost blew my tell me you think there's more value invincib-? Alaska's second inning that having shapers as the night that made no sense. I didn't get that move at all either. Don't even realize it when it happened was wise. Bruce, why is he doing a double switcher, who would you double switching his team Franco, I made no sense. It was it was unbelievable. If Bryce Harper last around, aiding in primary pull them if anybody should be wished away. He's hitting right now. Hoskin pull me Bruce out. And I don't even know what Nick Williams is doing on a triple eight roster. Let alone a major league stay need to make a tray this week for an outfielder third baseman around. Thank you. All right. Thanks. I don't think you make trades. You're desperate though, because teams. No, you're desperate. I think I think they will make a trade by the deadline for free. If nothing else a hitter off the bench, but they will make trade at some point and probably some pitching as well. I was a little disappointed that didn't go after kaikal. They didn't go after kimbrel. Kimble's only thirty two years old, and he's still very effective last year. I don't understand. Why stay he was out as long as he was? I guess he wanted a multi year deal, and he got a multi year deal from the cups. Give you the play of the game play the game. Sponsored brought to you by a Wendy's. Download the app today. Score. Great offers. It's going to be that Joey Votto, two run single vodkas with everything today. That's the play that's the one that broke the back because you knew as soon as he gets that head ties the game. Somebody else's coming out of the bullpen or average staying in another runs going to score and that's it eight to be famous. But that's just the way I looked at this game. And frankly, for the way, the Phillies plays the way, they looked at it to who they had no fight whatsoever, Philippe producer after tonight tomorrow night against Diamondbacks. First of three game series next weekend in Atlanta. For three game series which is a showdown, because obviously the Braves are right on their neck there. They'll be a game behind if they end up winning today, they're up. Seven six. Now. Go on that bottom bottom of the twelve. So unless the Marlins rally it's a one run game. Anyway, you got the Braves on the road. And then they're at the what's it? Four games in DC against the national. So you've got a bunch of division games after after this week. June twenty-first the Phillies are back at citizens Bank park if the Marlins which also chase utley retirement night, and that's also coming home soon the fills close out the month of Miami against the moral. So that's what you got the rest of the month of the final add. Tim Kelly next feels broadcast seven 705 against Arizona from citizens Bank park WIP, once again, the final reds, four fill free. Stay tuned. Hollis Thomas are coming right back on ninety four WIP largest equipment rental.

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