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Them by front group george soros disney producer allegedly talk about as erections at work how could that be how could a disney produce aren't they had good family friendly company they're not crazy people that they will talk about their reactions at work i mean disney as a family friendly company right sure what is these been dead a very long time it was taken over by not michael eisner disney's broadway boss works on she rated productions but creates an xrated workplace colleagues claiming the report just published the new york post in an article published a day before a stage adaptation of frozen opens in pre lemon the wall street journal reports that disney theatrical productions president produce thomas schumacher has a history of sexual harassment and making incredibly inappropriate remarks the coworkers i don't know what it means what do i care i have we understand these stories one of assistance had to quit with severance a nondisclosure grimmett if she brought her biracial son at the office and schumacher made wisecracks about black men sexual prowess on moron he also talked about porn in erections and you know he sounds like an idiot just a low life idiot who had a little creativity in them a lot of creativity creative people are very aggressive you know i said they use their aggressiveness and their creativity and a combo and they move up in the field but you know they're not s so what he and do about a thing like this schumacher's in the first disney honcho facing sexual harassment allegations pixar boss john lashed with your had to go on leave last year after he was accused of grabbing kissing and making comments about physical attributes a female employees who does a thing like that at work what is wrong with men that they can't control themselves i'd i really don't understand that honest to god let's say you're attractive to summon and your single man you have to grab them that's a crime idiot you have no selfcontrolled and you should be fired that seoul you talk about your reaction at work you are not you should be fired at seoul simple in my book what's the big deal was the big news stories and not he doesn't belong there well right now it's already 19 minutes after the hour we're talking about a lot of topics not most importantly the man at work thing if you can't.

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