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Derek brunson. Natalia riot hall Brad to ours. If there's one thing he does better. It's take a shot. He has a hell of a chin. And I think what if there's going to be surprised about how hard is put away killing gas lem, you'll get Kelvin's history. And the guys that he's fought, you know, he can take some punishment, man. He's he's taken big overhand rights. You know from Woodley. He's fight guys. Like Nate Marquardt. Neil Magny Johny Hendricks like he's taking big shots and keeps on keeping on applies pressure. So I it's something to know where Cohen gasoline be able to pull this off. I don't know what the odds are. I would assume. Workers a slight favorite. They match up. Very good. And for gasoline at middleweight. There's some guys who give him problems the bigger guys are going to give them problems. Like, Chris wideman who are able to beat them when they're bigger, and they're just as talented the bigger has typically gonna win. But when he went to middle way, I went he's going to struggle 'cause against certain guys size wise, but he leapfrogged all those guys in the best matchup form style. Whiskey is Robert Whitaker. So rubber workers a minus two forty five. That's a little too juicy for me, man. You know, I always like betting on the dogs man, especially to make money. I do think Whitaker gets it done. But be wary. I if Whitaker stops stone a right hand. Stop stone Aleph kicker right kick, something happened to his hands because Kelvin gasoline fucking chin is gonna hold up for that first second round as the fight. Where's on you know, and worker does is limited with throwing a right hand or left hook or right kick. Kelvin could pull this one out. It's worth underdog. Bet. But I think Robert Whitaker gets it done. I really think he does. I think it's amazing fight. I think it's your fight of the night say Robert Whitaker via decision. I'll say Ariel outta Sonya. KO walk off home run second round. I'm excited for these fights. I really am man. It's great time to be a fan and then on Showtime Saturday. You got devante Davis verse Hugo Ruis, that's right, folks. Davonte Davis's Abner Mahrez opponent got hurt pulled out last week. So they found the last minute replacement. Still fun fight still good fight. Devante Davis v. Assay kale in the eighth round. Davis is undefeated twenty no. Hugo is a smaller guy. So yeah, you get that fight. Now enjoy it. It'd be fun to watch. Fan questions any questions. Let's do it man. I one from Pettit Paulette os seven to Ben aspirin worse off it of all time at the thirty five press conference. I didn't see it. I didn't see this press there. Nope. There's black screen on. No, what's it's just a sharp. It's him with a dress shirt slacks and sandals. It's not it's not fitted either he's gonna get that custom-made. Definitely not Ben. You know, I love you, dude. You're styles. Who tro ships, you know, what it's just something in most wrestlers don't have style for whatever reason most wrestlers, they just don't give a shit. Any wrestle ever trained with the nearest where I ever hung out with. They're not exactly the most fashion forward. Peeps on the planet. It's been Astra's. Ben, can I did you just do me a solid, and you know, I love you could just not wear. Sandals pants. Just you don't even from California, dude. There's only one fighter on the planet can do as named your favor in less your referred to as the California kid you cannot wear sandals with pants. No boy. No, bro. What else we got? All right G. Lewd tea is birdie the goat. And what is your early hall take on who will be playing in next year's Super Bowl? Yep. I mean, I went over a little bit beyond the shy. You know Brady is the goat for many of reasons. Number one being the most winning quarterback of all time number two doing it with no help the only help the only caveat to that is he does have.

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