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Question is he's retiring as of the end of business friday and the question is will after we know that he's been lying covering stuff up and been dishonest are we gonna let him retire and keep his pension or we'll jeff sessions grow a couple and actually fire him force him to to miss his pension and my opinion on that is my opinion on that is he's part of the part of the the misleading the feist pfizer court to issue a warrant for them to bug trump tower to go after mike flynn and carter page and everybody else and that was how they obtain information that led mike flynn to be had charges pressed against him and mike flynn general general in the military had a had a had a very distinguished career and now he's broke losses house did all that stuff and andrew mccabe was part of that and i just don't i have no mercy i have no mercy i hope i hope sessions fires in before the end of the day on friday which was yesterday when you're listening and you know as my as my wife my wife pointed out lady liberty lifted her lifted her scarf over is where where where our justice system is supposed to be the lady justice there were supposed to be blind to to gender and religion and all all the things that don't matter if you break the law you break the law but apparently if you're if you're involved in in stuff that you shouldn't be in its democrat we close our eyes to it and let them get away with it but if it happens to do with republicans we we we prosecute to the full dental off and it's just it's just not fair hope i hope our attorney general has the stones to do is fair to andrew mccabe anyway we're out of time for part one of the main event stay tuned for five minutes of weather traffic commercial sports and whatever else the radio station.

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