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Hey all hope. Everyone had a great new year's. We're still on break over here. But I am back in your feed to bring you another favourite episode from our first I season it is one of the wildest stories I've ever heard at the heart of it. It's about a lost opportunity and what it's like to put a monetary value on that. All right here it is. When Eric Abramovich was eighteen he played in this concert that to anyone else would feel pretty insignificant? We're playing this amazing symphony by Mahler. His Third Symphony Eric was clarinet player in a university symphony and and in the last movement at the climax of this piece I just I was like overtaken by these like shivers and like unbelievable feelings of joy joy. It's just like a an upward scale Belykh within the context of all the instruments just like Don Don Don Don don done but I mean it's just it's huge. I'm not doing justice justice here. The music completely overwhelmed around him to the point where he felt like crying just from feeling that I knew that music was exactly what it has to do with my life. ooh I'm Marie. My grace and welcome to this is uncomfortable a podcast for marketplace about life and how money messes with it this week. A crazy story about one guy's dreams and an unexpected.

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