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Cowboys? Oh boy. How do? Back at home. How do how do? I gotta say, well, it is it is fairly hilarious to me. Not Randy Gregory has problems. No. They got him to the second round is because there were some risk. And there's downside risk risk includes. Downside, and you got a real good. Got a first round maybe top ten talent in the second round because of this possibility. And this is now come to pass, and David Irving, you had a guy who turned out to be on a per play basis. Astore who you are now going to lose. But the funny thing to me is not that will the funny thing to me is one of the things this Cowboys team had going for it. Especially once you got your war daddy on defense. Right. You got your gaurd young? You got young franchise quarterback. I recognized by is that they were cheap. Now. Right. And you're the problem with keeping a team together. Like the Cowboys who is who is as well rounded in his talent. That is the Cowboys is they're cheap, but they're about to get expensive. But usually they get expensive. What's done something? They're about to get expensive before they done it. They're going to have to pay tomorrow as long as they're going to have to pay Zeke. They're going to have to pay back like you better win this year. Like right now before this thing falls apart because it's a loaded team. But you gotta do it. Well, I have one question is war. Daddy, like thing. You say down there. I mean, no Jerry Jones is not is not like the Miriam Webster's. Dictionary of Texas. He does the terms that he makes our knowledge on. Hanging Thang definitional term. I do like it though war. Daddy. Let me get back to Randy Gregory. If I can for just a moment, you go rod on you. Go around on buddy ego rat on after you, sir. Okay. I did. I did a little research this morning because I was fairly sure I could come back to that. And go, you know, what all this to do that Stephen makes about the Cowboys and suspensions, you know, the truth is the Steelers they have guys there's spended for non-drug. Don't talk about it the same way. I reckon you, right. But the research I did did come back to the Cowboys do suffer from some of the most suspensions in the league's. It's two thousand fourteen. But here's the thing. Here's who keeps proving you right? Stephen A, these two guys Randy, Gregory, and David Irving the truth is most of the Cowboys suspensions come down to just a few players. Randy gang, Gregory, David Irving McLean. These guys Cowboys the Cowboys have taken calculated risks on big talents. And they've lived on the edge with those guys. They have stood by them. Randy, Gregory as you point out has been suspended over. Over and over and over again, these guys are the ones that keep proving. What can go wrong will go wrong? Now, I think you have to buy by the rules. I'm gonna take a serious turn for one second year. I do think you have to buy by the rules. Okay. Rules are rules and you live by them. But I do think this rule is stupid. I do think the fact that Randy Gregory is an amazing talent that can't in the NFL because he takes by all accounts. It's weed weed is his issue here. It's it's I'm not even making a philosophical point. I'm not making hypocrisy point. Max, those are your points to make mine is more like the practical point. What's the what's the what's it matter? It's not a performance enhancing drug. It doesn't take away from anybody else in the field. Only person you heard as yourself and if rated Gregory can perform while still. Being having a problem with the substance. Why does it need to be drummed out of making successful living in the NFL? I hear you buddy. I hear you buddy. I understand. I really do. But here's the deal will Cain the league. Have they rule? I got it. Hey. That's what the rules paint. Now. I don't like these rules. You know what? Well, K personally speaking in the New York City, I would prefer that. We didn't have to come in in the morning. I would prefer that. I didn't have to get stuck in traffic and a fifteen mile ride takes me an hour and a half again here where I would I would I would prefer a lot of things working for the Walt Disney that we're proud. I am to be associated with it. There are modifications that. I wish that they will come up with that would make my life easier. But guess what? I don't cut the checks I cash them. And if they make a decision that this is the rule that comes along with it. And you gotta be Maxine you like getting up early. Do you like camping do you like having to do something? Show. You do the point that I'm trying to. There we go. So says the paycheck at the end of the day like oh. Because I mean, I reckon you're right. But here's the reality. In the end what it comes down to is this you got to accept the rules. And if the NFL state stay off, the we that's what you gotta do. And if you can't do it, and you're going to let a join costume millions of dollars you knew fool, and that's what it comes. Or you had seriously addicted to us substance. It's not posting even be addictive which. That's right. I agree with will about testing for marijuana league chooses to test for for now a quasi legal substance. It's ridiculous on the other hand grill. It's not just like how did the Dallas Cowboys put this thing together? Because as I've said recently like what's the weakness on the team? Now that they have the star wide out the running back the quarterback the offensive line the defense now like, what's the weakness? Other than maybe the the coach, right? Well, how did they do that? Because there is a salary cap. How did they manage to do? All that yet. Stay in the playoffs yet without. The highest draft picks still they took risks on defense. They took risky players. You know, they took players with as they said it moneyball Michael with warts. What were the works in this case? Well, David Irving, and Randy, Gregory, and guys who may not be available to you. And now. That's not the only place. Look get Jerry Jones seeping put this in your lexicon. Stephen he is an oil wildcatter. He is a risk taker and it's not just guys with questionable abilities to follow the rules. He's taken gods. Like Jalen Smith who has panned out that was a risky take as well. In the second round. And it's worked out tremendously. He took some risks on Randy, Gregory. And by the way, he's done. It was indefinite suspension doesn't mean forever. So when you come back with what can go wrong. We'll I'm gonna come back with this. Just wait till Randy Gregory comes back next. Oh when he comes back. It's all it's not about what the regular. That's how long they'll last eligibility to say on Tabacchi with that tobacco. How about that? What will K I must confess to you here national television. I I hope you're sitting down because you might catch a heart attack. When what I'm about to say, oh, I've had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Jones and talk with them on several occasions over the last. Must. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Jones. I kinda like these do I think that doing a good job. And oh, by the way, I'm actually planning on going Dallas, Texas with the hat on and everything to treat them not to treat them to some brew. I'm talking about me tree Jerry Jones and Steven Jones out for a drink. Because my problem is not with them our spec, their heart their hearts in the right place. They try to do the right? It's not their fault that the brother can't stay off the weed. Okay. So let's be clear. I something just occurred to me, you know in the song. There's a black cat running around the franchise. Maybe it's a black hat but wedding franchisees. Longest Stephen A been saying this idea, I know doing thing. 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