President Trump, Mariano, FOX discussed on ESPN FC



Right you shared a story here on the max podcast you guys negotiating a deal with the salaya president for tv right right mariano through he'll where boys now saw marvin pay used to work there at fox and alan hopkins was there i got to speak to jon strong a little bit i never met john because i was in bristol's seeing so i had a good talking obviously get in their thoughts about covering the world cup which is a big job but they know it so this is really cool to see everyone the mls folks spoke to don garber as well as and the espn afc or the heineken espn fc boot room how that you know buddies alaikum i like don don comes any enjoy and we had a very relaxed about the person that that is don garber that people think they know don's a good guy yes eliminate he saw to be soccer component for a second he's actually a pretty cool dude yeah and he was good and we talked about one topic and it's he's gonna do but he's going and i know we've talked about putting the hammer down on people who are critical avar and he was like look and we're that's some people are going to hear from us because of what happens pacific and happened a la varre a lot this week and specifically the llc red bull's game i mean the e galaxy red bull's game which ended up three two for the red bulls which was the game i think you take away and everyone was upset zlatan was upset with with teammates and this is unacceptable and slot.

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