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Were not going after people who come here and are working and are sending their children to school so you had someone who totally flip flopped on it and now you have a former city councilor steve pinto and a city councilors brother mark lovely who have been pushing a petition to get on the ballot so that the of people can vote for this so there's a petition going around salem and i'm honestly i'm really proud of and it's really great to see that the salem residents are pushing back against the city council is who are lawless and our coddling criminals so it's really great to see this and they had a signing a last sunday at the salem well as which is very popular and i went there to sign the petition and i saw all walks of life and i was absolutely amazed by this because i saw people that i haven't seen and a very very long time i saw people you know i saw had like a look at an around that i'm saying oh my gosh i played soccer with your daughter and hey i ran track with your daughter and then another person i remember i went to high school with him and his parents were professors at salem seat and it was really great to see these certain residents come and to sign this petition and people you would wouldn't even think that would be that you would think that they would before it almost and to see them there that they're against it and to see this salem residents come out and really show their support against this is absolutely amazing i'm not sure what they have now because yesterday the did another petition drive at the sale melissa i'm not exactly sure how much but they were reaching four five thousand and they had almost two thousand in the last i heard so you know i i'm really hoping that we stick it to the salem city council and that we can really get this through so that the salem voters can vote against this and put it on the ballot and and because i'm a hundred percent share that if this gets to the voters of salem and they come out that they're gonna vote against this because we shouldn't be coddling criminals and our city councilors should not put that on on the salem residents to be coddling criminals i really want to touch on this because it's.

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