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Dennis day thinking south of the border and very good. Thank you. We're going to do our play now. So take your clothes off and bring in your. No, okay. I told you not going to be a cannibal. All right, then I'll make my native guide. That's a can of who went to college you satisfied. Now. Ladies and gentlemen, feature practice. Damning, opening the New York herald are we client Jack Stanley, Dr reporter and his secretary miss Mary. I quit Mary. We don't want to confuse your name with Dr. Let's start the show. I wanna get on you Benny. They'll get because you're my boss in the play throw. You take it to the office of the New York narrow. Hello, New York, Hal, speaking. I hate that name Mary. Like that. Nine thirty. All right. I'll tell him Gladys. The white rock. Okay. I don't bother me for the next half hour who's I'm writing a story about Dr Livingston Florida's lost. The boss wants me to go. Look for him. You think it'll be a great for the paper block. Now, let me at him. Hello there. You are. I've been looking over that story didn't yesterday, and it's the worst of jock. I ever heard. Well, I thought it was pretty good. Aplomb? No, you're showing off now last week. You didn't even know what that now. Never mind. The wise. And get some hot new night. Resignation. I knew it. I'm trying to get all the news. I can you can't wait working. Chop chop chop. Family. I gave you two weeks ago. I told you to go to Africa by doctor Levin, why waiting for my laundry to come back. I do not. You better. Find your. Okay. Good. Bye. Bye. Oh, boy was that bomb. Last time. I worked for him as long as he worked for me. It looks like I got to go to Africa. I'm off to the jungle. I'm going with you. What could you do their right, man? Don't you? Right. Well, come along gal. We might as well leave right now, we doctor Livingston. Danley? Months later Stanley expedition reached Africa started their long break into the jungle as we take them up. We buy in Michigan Stanley with native guides zombie at you. Who is accompanied by his mother fine. Go ahead Fabrica jungle. Or months wrecking through the jungle. What are you got your finger up in the air attacking? Stick close LeBron constant danger where we are late last, my native guy as ambi-. Yes. Please. How far are we from Kenya? Nica me think more mile what your language day. He's a native pollster talk like that. Oh. Lead the way Tommy. About enough of the young wild animals. PC flies. Are we take off my glasses? Oh well. Won't be long now. Yeah. What's the matter? Good heavens day. There's a boa constrictor right in front of you. Y'all. Together. We gotta watch out cannibals Amman Lambie lead the way. Six hours later laws is approaching the village opinion. It's a wild and desolate country. Well, they find doctor Livingston we shall see. Zombie. Yes. Maybe the moment we've been waiting for Jack Ma nine on the three wheels. You're nine thousand.

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