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Up next for you. HSE? Oh, well, they get back on track tonight. Yeah. Goodwin overfishing. Yeah. On just had to get back on sale. Absolutely, no, other choice j Gilbert. Jake. Thanks so much for the call. Good luck next week. Gilbert from Westfield. They loose to Noblesville. Tuned to to Michelle Walker with a good solid win tonight. A big win tonight. Fifty one twenty seven over south banana, Keith kindred joins me on the Saint Vincent sports performance highlight. Thanks for returning my call their coach. Thanks for having time. How's the weather up north? Chilly, man. It was nice. Football weather now, brother. Man, we had we had some really rough hot days on Tuesday Wednesday this week of several little breeze was nice for tonight. Well, he's a good win. You you got out your offense played. Well, you played a good team. Tell me how you do this tonight. Well, you know, south in atoms. First of all is incredibly dangerous on. Score from anywhere. They got a quarterback Armstead. He's gonna play on Saturdays at the division one level. They're just so challenging. Offensively. We ran the ball. Really? Well, Chris hardest rushed for two hundred thirty eight yards on. On one hundred five yards. Had a pick six right before halftime really key heading into the break. So overall, please. Your kids are playing well. And you know, you like the fact that you know, you can match up quickness y strength wise and your team just played to play a team of that caliber and Adamson come out with this kind of went has to make you happy. Yeah. You know, I think that our game last week against Chicago has really helped prepares for the athleticism of the speed that we still we're able to get some fresh. But I'll tell you what. Really really always play the smartest, and and we gotta fix, but but our kids always play hard. I'm really pleased with as well, you should be kief kinder's the football coach at Michigan Walker. Michelle Walker with a big win over south banana, fifteen twenty seven key. Thanks for the call. Good luck next week. All right. Thank you. Jason Simmons is the football.

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