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The last one was this past Saturday. Jet Abbott how was their Neal Brennan. It was just fantastic So thank you to everybody that came out into all the comics who performed and the music. It's always the highlight of my month. So come on out if you can. I do WANNA give a shout out to the Pete's picks one of which I this is my alphabrain right here on the desk made by our friends at on it. Alphabrain is a new atropine. It's like a vitamin for your brain for your noodle for your thoughts for your creativity for your imagination for your focus. It it says right here helped shown to help support memory and focus clinically studied which is so which is so important which is so important It helps with memory it helps concentration whenever I have to do. Stand up whenever after. Write a script for crashing or otherwise whenever I have to write stand up whenever I have to do a podcast even when I'm just going out and hanging with friends and frankly sometimes when I'm just feeling a little bit low in energy and I'm drinking coffee or I'm going for a walk and I just can't find it it's often because my brain just doesn't have the nutrients it needs to operate. And that's exactly what Alphabrain is its earth grown ingredients aw clinically shown to help us use our brains and our imaginations. I wish I had this in school. I'm so glad as a creative person that I have it now. I'm muscle. Glad as a human being that just helps me be in the world and use my brain. I mean what don't use your brain for Alphabrain helps not in a coffee. Weight's not a stimulant it doesn't can get you up or jittery. It just helps your brain fine and use the nutrients it needs to operate. What a miracle I swear by it I always have it in my car? Have It on my desk ask I have it in my carry on. I'm never far without either. The pill form or the powder form which I have right here. I don't know shaking things like you. Don't believe me. But the the powered for Mrs Natural Peach Flavor. It's actually quite delicious. I take it straight. Because I'm a Weirdo. You can add it to water and it gets into your blood that much faster so if you want to show show your.

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