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Hours away from White Sox pregame as the White Sox wrap up the series with Cleveland and Lucas Giolito going today of them Exactly, Zach. Yeah, I know. I'm tired of the Indians. It's It's not like last year where you had on Lee played the Central that you can play other teams. It'll happen. Eventually, the Reds. They're playing the Cubs. The Cubs are playing the Reds in Cincinnati. The White Sox go to Cincinnati after today, and they play the Reds Tuesday and Wednesday. Then they have another day off and they play. Kansas City, and then they have another day off. The White Sox starting tomorrow, have three days off in the next eight and then after that they play 10 games in nine days. So it's like a really weird schedule is so they'll get a lot of time off that Lance Lynn, who started yesterday and went five innings, will likely not pitch again till next Saturday. Because you know, one of them in the game. Yeah, The lineups are out for the White Sox and say you're ready to take on the Indians Exact. Please act at shortstop. It's Tim Anderson. And Louise Roberts center. Moncada is playing third. Hitting third at first base is Jose Bre. You hitting fourth? The D H You're mean Mercedes struck out a couple times looking bad. That's got to stop 28 year old. You can't be doing that. He's hitting fifth. Zach Collins behind the plate. That makes me happy. There was a pitch yesterday just went back to the screen. Has body anytime you want to catch the ball to me. I don't know if he touched it or not. I was listening to it on the radio. Hey, did von is in left field? Then you have Lori Garcia and right. And at second base is Nick. Magical. Your starting pitcher is Lucas Giolito, and I saw somebody had the stats of how well Lory Garcia has actually done over the last couple of games. Hey, was struggling big time. Ah, lot of White Sox fans. Not real happy. I'm looking here, Someone just said Nick magical career against right handed hitters. 3 28 Larry Garcia career against right handed hitters to 41. But Laura Garcia actually drove in a couple runs yesterday, drove in three runs. He had a bunch of RB eyes and the his two previous games before that, so he's there. But the question for White Sox fans is how how do you think that Tony LaRussa return as skipper of the white taxes doing 3123323776? No. Some White Sox fans were upset earlier in the week when he left Lucas Giolito out there and she lied. All got beat the satchel winning 2 to 1. And then all of a sudden next thing, you know, they're losing 5 to 2 in the sacks lose Giolito said afterwards he was it was out of gas. Something your manager's probably know. Um, but he said, Listen, I went out there was my job to shut him down. He didn't do it and his crew, I think 314 pitches after he'd given up the lead. He's still through a couple more pitches. No White Sox fans were a little upset with that. How How are your thoughts about LaRussa so far this this this year? You know? He's been really messing with line up a lot. And I know why you have injuries were trying to work around this and and get. I mean Garcia, being back in his bat has been hot. Yeah, it looked like Eton whacked his knee against the trying to catch a falling ball. Foul ball yesterday banged up. He had a game that he was suspended, so I know what he's doing that but sometimes it seems like he's messing around a little too much. Then again, you know we've gotten some results, and I think he's settling in. So I give him a B. Louis's Robert Lewis Roberts playing center field and hitting second today. Latter times He's been hitting seventh and a lot of people even back to last year, Frank Thomas, as Higgins said, You gotta move Robert up in the order, and now he's got Robert Moncada and the Bre you right after Tim Anderson so nice, Nice top four in the lineup, but he doesn't leave it that way. He does it usually at certain times and It's not. You know, You got a right handed pitcher going in, Jack, Please act today and you still are going with Robert Number two, so because he is not in the lineup. I guess that makes sense. But we'll see. And I have to say I've been I questioned. It is the start of the season. I thought Louise Robert was going to struggle so far, not so much. Louise Robert even one from four yesterday's hitting 309. So he's after when I start. He did. He did. Look, I know yesterday was really windy. There were a couple balls he went got in the gaps. He looked awkward doing it because it was windy. Maybe. Maybe that was the case. I don't know was windy by you not by me. But I know what the ballpark counter said You could see a lot of the balls swirling in the wind. It was a tough day to play with. The wind was blowing everywhere. I don't live anywhere near there. But the wind was terrible by me. Yeah, usually in open spaces and e gotta be honest. It wasn't very windy in my basement when I got home. That's right. When I got home. I know it was 80 degrees. Yesterday, I was in my basement watching baseball and stuff like that. So I wasn't I wasn't seeing Outside, so it didn't matter how windy it was, and I have the windows open last night. It was. It was wonderful Nice breeze blowing in and everything. So the White Sox looking to get the serious when they dropped the first game of the serious with the Indians. They win yesterday. 73 year thoughts on the sax your thoughts on Tony LaRussa as the skipper. It's funny because you quote you It's like this with all managers. You question things that they do that don't work out, but you rarely give them praise for things they do that do work out. I guess the day that is life. Yeah, well, it's like Tom Waddle used to have the line out out, botched the line, so But he says, basically, you don't get credit for not doing drugs, okay? Right? Yeah. You don't get credit your those who thinks you're supposed to do so A lot of people say Lisa marry expected to do you're expected to have success. So unless it's wild success, you're not getting the props you should write..

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