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And um yeah he said that he told steven spielberg that he was fifteen years old and said i thought rare law starke was gonna suck based on a story boards that he saw seles interesting but anyway all of this was just two to point out the fact that the finger has a history with lucasfilm um and i was wondering if you know maybe nostalgia had some sort of a factor in that decision of them being like hey let's reach out to this guy who sort of got his start with us i can't imagine that they would have thought about him for one of the saga films but he seems like the kind of guy who would be really interesting uh you know producing one of her career directing one of these a standalone movies but i don't know i guess we'll never know unless he reveals four information i'm he seems like such like kind of in october filmmaker that you he wouldn't work well within the environment of you know a company like marvel or lucasfilm has kind of a grand vision but if he was gonna work at all i think it would be you know that standalone a star wars story um but right now he's working on world words the two christly else's it's a move what that what do we now right so he basically has said he's working on the script right now with dennis kelly and he said were hoping to get a piece of material that a reason to make a movie not an excuse to make a movie so i mean as now there's no like release day trying to sell me to seemed like he's working behind the scenes are now hammering out that script again it plays will be were i guess he can officially commit to it which are hearing her fresh shows that doesn't want just make a quick cash for anti actually wants to put some thought into world wars e e2 weather whether it is yours ana.

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