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The killing of an American journalist forty six sunny skies I'm Deborah Valentine now what's trending on seventy seven W. A. B. C. and W. A. B. C. radio dot com a Saudi Arabian court has sentenced five people to death in the killing of Washington post columnist Jamal because shogi in twenty eighteen correspondent Steve cast inbound reports a member of the royal family don't believe connected is not implicated by the court the Saudi court concluded that the five men committed the murder of Jamal because she'll be in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last year three others were sentenced to a total of twenty four years in prison for the roles they played in covering up the killing of the Washington post journalist that's according to a statement from Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor their investigation concluded that the murder was a mistake that they killed Shoghi when it became too difficult to move him to another location the CIA concluded however that the crown prince Mohammed bin Sulayem ordered the killing I'm Steve casting down three separate shootings over the weekend Chicago Baltimore in Minneapolis one person was killed in twenty eight hurt in total one arrested reported now in Chicago this morning related to that gunfire here's correspondent Omar him and then the ages range for from people shot from sixteen to forty eight thankfully no one was killed here but for people in critical condition and when you look at them a wider context of Chicago this is actually your we seen double digit declines in violent crime and they're set to do so for a third consecutive year as of this morning no rest that were reported in separate shootings in Baltimore or Minneapolis owns factions and even some road closures remain in Manhattan it's all due to the dangers of falling ice and faulty building facade thank god we don't need another accident huge chunks of by some of the manholes size lunch from several skyscrapers.

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