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Two five to two two Lawrence. Greta ahead. Hi, I'm calling from San Ramon, California, which is in the bay area. And right in the middle between San Francisco and San Jose. I'm a kindergarten teacher and the effect on the teaching profession shooting with unlimited immigration has gotten really out of hand. It's not fair to anyone. You're the second. You're the second young child teacher called us with this creek for this cry for help. And that this was someone she sounded like she don't have a teaching about three years, and she said, she came in with idealize expectation that she is actually gonna be able to teach she's documentation to its overwhelmed by what you're talking about. So tell us yet. Yeah. I'm actually planning to retire early because of it because it's not fair to the teachers. It's not fair to the kids who are English learners is not fair to the kids who are native English speakers. No one is benefiting from this. And I have no way Laura the politicians are don't you worry? And what I was just gonna say if I'm actually was a lifetime democrat. And now, I'm an independent because is all about votes and being in power for the democrat. And I do have to say also as a citizen of the bay area, and I guess our country really to me the other people who should be. So angry are African American because I feel that the money I'm so close to Oakland like, you know, twenty miles from Oakland. Yeah. So kids who are not going through, you know, having college paid for air medical paid for and I feel like the African American community has been hopscotched over and as a. Absolutely. And they're the only community we actually things too. And by the way, they they will tell you about they're not happy with the immigration phenomenon. The way it is for appropriate reasons than I you have mentioned yet the fact that their jobs are being undercut or taken away. Totally totally. And you know, what if I was an African American. I hate to say this island vote Republican because I would be so math. No. I mean, I just feel that everything right now is all about the democrat. Everything's all about political expediency. And and it feels it feels corrupt. What other explanation could we have for the total is saying is excuse me. The right. The left is saying like, oh, they're trying to instill fear about immigrants because imigrants can't vote. They're an easy scapegoat. But they're beginning to vote we're giving them the rights to vote especially in San Francisco now you can vote as an illegal immigrants. So that's not true. So you can I say thank you to you guys for actually putting a spotlight on this. Because no one else. Thank you got it. Thank you for the call. And and I'll say thanks to learn because this is your pet peeve. This might as the whole number one is the factory left on the streets. Yours is is this one. I'm not far behind you on this. Let's get a quick call from can't. Go ahead. Ken. Yeah. I wish you talk about a little bit about what happened down in Central America. And why this exodus is happening there. You never talk about the United fruit company and how they turn those countries into the right now. Sam Ken, no doubt. Now what? About the CIA, Ken, no doubt. No doubt. Do we do? Now. What? Now what what do you do? Now. What do we do? Oh, we've got to stop doing that kind of. Now. Now, what do we do? Let's start my my my parents and me we didn't get engaged in that some previous generation did it's not good. Now. What do we do? Now. Do we do ratio? You're not much older that I'm I'm I'm sixty nine. What do we do? Yeah. What do you? Do you go in there and try to fix those times? They don't want us. There are sovereign nation. We can't go and changes go in. I'd like to I think it'd be great. But that's the same a stake all over again. Isn't it? CIA was in there. Now. What can I don't care what they did before? I want to solve this now. Okay. You give him a fair break. Let them into the United States. What citizen house you let them all in and become American citizens? So send them all up here. How we fix the problem in Honduras? Okay. Fortunately, maybe they'll go back, and maybe they'll fix their country. Then so give them free education up. Here. You got that doesn't make really make sense. Because how are they going want to go back? And why are we gonna pay for that? And I mean, I understand how that would work for. Hey, you're you you're you're not native American. You're not from here. I'm not native American, right? You're not correct. And your point. And I'm not either. And so we're all from somewhere else, except the native Americans who also got a bad deal. Right. And your point is no, that's it. You know, you gotta stop with other countries and take 'em stealing their resource, you're asking your. But then you're talking about going down and screwing with another country. That would you wanna do? That's your solution. I gotta take a break midday live. Dr drew midday live JGL, a ten traffic time on KOA.

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