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Leigh Matthews program. Brought to by Newcastle casino where real gamers come to play. Steve is in Chickasaw. Hi. Hey, I don't know if anybody this before, but. Carrie goes through. How is that going to affect reciprocity with other states that have to have like it will not affect other states with reciprocity because I'll give you an example, Arizona does not have a license, but they have reciprocity with Oklahoma. So Amazon can drive into Oklahoma and have their gun, and I'm from Arizona and their driver's license is enough proof that you have the reciprocity. Now, if the other state changes their law to well. Yeah, we've got reciprocity with Oklahoma. But only in so far as you conceal. That's a different case. Okay. Well, I was just wondering I hadn't heard anybody address that. And I was now the reciprocity is not affected unless that chick state changes its reciprocity. Now that said, let's say you go to New Mexico where they don't allow open carry. Well, you're not allowed to open carry either because of reciprocity. The only thing that changes, you won't have to show a license if you are caught or the police ask you, I don't have a license because I'm from Oklahoma. We don't have licenses. That's all. What would it be? I mean, would it be a good idea? Even if. The license anyway. Well, you have to wait the money. It would be a waste of money in my opinion. It'd be a waste of money Steve because you won't have to prove it your driver's license. Will prove that you are who you say, you are and that you're with Oklahoma. And that we have that law. Eight four thousand star one thousand bills in for joining us now from Washington DC on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. And President Trump mentioned a summit later this month in Vietnam is this a remarkable development or what it's uniquely but dot not totally surprising, Vietnam when you put it all together seems to be a logical choice. They have diplomatic relations with North Korea. It's a manageable distance four Kim Jong UN who is limited by the aircraft. He has available. He could even take his train down there. If he wanted to and number three, I think this is an opportunity that the United States saw to show Kim Jong on what a communist country can be when it opens up its economy and improves relations with the western world. They will point. A city like dang where this is likely to be held as as an example of of the the modern things that can can be north Korea North Korea would like to improve of course. And I think that the president has the opportunity to hold up Vietnam as an example of how an economy can be revived just by improving relations with the rest of the world. Even with a communist government. So, you know, a a little bit for this country, especially for the United States mixed emotions here, especially if it is held in denying since that is the place that many young Americans. I set foot in Vietnam when they were deployed during the war with a big US air base there. But it looks like it's gonna be interesting at the end of February this adds up to a very busy month for the president. I had a listener to our program called just yesterday Bill Semper claiming he is married to a Vietnamese national and and goes to that country with her to visit her family. Often. And he thinks that this is a pivotal point. Especially in symbolism because the president will be meeting with an enemy of the United States in a country. That was an enemy the United States both countries. One time at war with the United States, right? And the actions taken at this summit may end the war technically with the United States and that in the Asian world. This is huge this will resonate. Yeah. A good comparison because but he'll also point out was that in nineteen Eighty-six Vietnam launched a series of economic reforms that now make it one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. So I think there'll be pointing out to North Korea one of the keys to this whole thing is improving relations with the rest of the world as Vietnam has done with the United States. Vietnam also has gone out of their way to attract tourism, I. I understand. It's a tremendous place to visit my son has been there. And so I I think there are a lot of positives to come out of this. Now having said all that last year in Singapore. When the president met with Kim Jong Il, and that was all about optics that was all about the handshake. And and the smiles and the slapping on the back in the little stroll through the gardens and this time it's going to be on results. The results will be the emphasis here because in Singapore. It produced a very general set of statements and agreements at the two agreed on that really didn't lead to anything. Now. There's pressure on the president to come up with some results out of this summit that can lead to possible denuclearization. If the United States stands by its demand for complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization there, actually, some people who believe that the United States could end up just having to live with a nuclear North Korea. So, but let's say the pressure is on in this summit. Well, here's the other thing. And I this is just me thinking bills emperor. Twenty four seven news is China keeping a close eye on this because I mean, basically, China is what China is because the United States has propped up its economy by allowing China to build a lot of our stuff, if we find cheap labor elsewhere like Vietnam or North Korea could this be competition with China, all of a sudden, Vietnam. Absolutely. Although their workforces limited there, we already do a lot of business with Vietnam. But yeah, that could be used as lever with China as well. And in the midst of current trade talks now will North Korea ever be a competitor to China. I don't see that happening because Kim Jong UN makes it a practice of whenever he meets with the United States. And I wouldn't doubt it if it happens this time as well. He first checks in with president Xi of China. Yeah. So China's still has a pretty big thumb over North Korea. I wouldn't see them becoming competitor trade wise with with China anytime in the near future and speaking of China, you know, the president may also check in with president gee before this summit with Kim Jon on because we've got another deadline coming up Li March. I is a deadline when tariffs on Chinese imports go up to twenty five percent without a trade deal. And the president has said he wants to meet personally with G in order to finalize that following up on some earlier talk. So I wouldn't be surprised if both Kim Jong UN and President Trump bump into each other in China on their way to Vietnam. Maybe so builds emperor. Thank you for the update from Washington on NewsRadio one thousand K T. Okay. 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