Joe Biden, Daniel Prue, Jacob Blake discussed on PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


Sarah Fox News, The mayor of Rochester, New York. Spend it. A group of police officers involved in the death by suffocation of a black man. Daniel Prue died march 30th after his family took him off life support seven days after officers who encountered him running naked through the streets. Put a hood on him to stop him from spitting and held him down until he stopped breathing. Mr. Daniel proved Was failed. By our police department until health care system. Our society. And he was failed by me. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Body Camera footage of the incident was released yesterday by fruit prudes family that they obtained through a public records request. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, today where he met with a family of Jacob Blake. The black man shot and severely wounded during an encounter with police When I came away with Wass The overwhelming sense of resilience. And optimism. That, uh, that they have about Kind of response to getting. Biden said. He also spoke with Jacob Lake and that he talked about how nothing was going to defeat him and whether or not he walked again. It was not going to give up. President Trump was in Kenosha Tuesday but did not meet with Blake family this hour. The president is in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, for a campaign style event. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee seeking an investigation of what they call repeated violations of the Federal Hatch Act by members of the Trump administration during the Republican National Convention, the laws intended to limit political activity by federal employees in their official capacity, although it does not apply to the president and vice president, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has dismissed the concerns. Saying Nobody outside the Beltway really cares. America is listening to Fox News. On the mosque needs on traffic.

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