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Can I ask why so big news with geo with all the fake news out there it's on standard to give it to you straight three stories but only one mistake true I know it's a weird thought it's true can Sanders spot the fraud here's geo Lopez all right so yeah Michael on and that they got a lot of like the last three Hey man I don't know what it is when is like me that's what what can I say he's got a sharpness gave up straight because make stuff up like I do you know what it is you know what it is is that I am a liar by heart yeah well that that's how they tracked is applying for everything he says he's a well adjusted human being you know has a fiance has this life all figured out obviously the line it is the lying is not part of it it's not part of his DNA we should switch it up because I I find the fake wood with you the real one with him so that has him making to fake stories up so you'd be better making more fake stories up that heavily itself I'll be better I'm yeah exactly pretty much writes all you need to do is just make one up here this case well he's got to make two up that's true that's true some to think about but I'll take the dubs anyway I can hi first story we are going to go to Tennessee okay where is it cops in Tennessee are advising that have you flush drugs down the toilet you could be creating math Gators so a Tennessee police departments one resident stop pushing drugs under toilet and things out of fear they could create meditators the police force the warning on Facebook on Saturday after officers found a suspect unsuccessfully trying to flush map and at at their home the suspect was arrested personally but police say this is a bigger issue for the city because drugs in the sewer system and up in retention ponds for processing before they are sent down stream for that is the drugs make it far enough they'll end up consumed by Gators in Seoul creek they had enough met the animals in the past weeks without our help Loretta police urged residents to bring in any drugs including caption medication into their offices for proper disposal spring the bed bring your back to the station our prescription drug.

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