Senator, Rosenstein, President Trump discussed on Skullduggery



Within a year practically of the watergate break in itself we're two years after the two thousand sixteen elections and more than a year after you began your investigation and those investigations with watergate hearings again probably got more historical knowledge than i but you're talking two years i believe it was the time now i think the country in the world where a new cycle is in twenty four hours but it's two hours or four hours we're all anxious no one is more anxious than i am to get through this process to draw these strings out and then get to a conclusion senator wanted do you are you still concerned that the trump is gonna fire muller i am constantly concerned that trump may try to intervene in the election whether it's firing muller firing rosenstein trying to get rid of sessions and put somebody in wouldn't have to recuse themselves because let me just finish because i think it's important when you one of the most damaging things as president is done is by he and his allies making these broad based i would argue ad hominem attacks against not just the investigation but the whole integrity of the fbi department of justice we've see this another other countries were were lead there's or lease go out and suddenly say the system is rigged and ineffective carte blanche to people to say which laws do you wanna follow it and which ones you don't wanna follow that leads to destruction of a society and my fear is that you have at least some of the trump allies implying that you've got you can question department of justice and others basic integrity that is a scary spot and muller's conclusion is important for the sake of the investigation it's also important for the protection of rule of law you said on in a floor speech i think in december that if he did that it would be a gross abuse of power and a flagrant violation of executive branch responsibilities and thority.

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