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To walk back? Dr this Dr Sonya Coley, education coach and high red advocate in the studio. She is author of the book mom's guide to schooling the little things you need to know about all this school stuff. Let me read some of it. Okay. Page thirty eight. It says it is up to you to determine the characteristics acceptable and not acceptable in school. It is up to assign value to rankings as they pertain to what you deem important, and that what your girlfriend's think they are listening. That's real because just as young people are under pressure. Parents are under peer pressure from other parents about what school. Skull, right. And I know the school, right? Exactly. Breaking your neck to make sure they got that. Because you're trying to keep up with the Joneses. Yeah. That's right. Spending writing checks for private schools. You know, you can't afford and bus getting up at five in to drive the Alfa Reta or wherever else in. I mean, come on. Let me read another passage. It says identify your school's strengths to determine how this will complement your child's strengths. Then look specifically at the great level test scores for your child's current grade and the one he or she will advance to next year was that so important because sometimes we get caught up in the overall test scores of the school. And like all things there are averages. There are some lows there are some highs. If you're looking at a school look at where the school is for where your child is. Now, if you have a first grader where are they now in first grade where are they in second and third and then make your decision. I mean. Yeah, you you can look at the fifth grade numbers bed. This point you have some time you have the school some time. A lot of our minority schools are low performing we get that. And sometimes a lot of the students are pulled out of those schools to go to private schools. Or wherever and we are Bandini in our schools. We all have to be there. I'm I'm preaching to myself because my children are in a private school there in Catholic school, and it hurts me every day to do that. So I'm learning to practice. What are preach in looking at schools are not breaking our next and all in wallets and stuff like that. Because it's all about schools are all about where you live. The top performing schools are in some of the most expensive neighborhoods because schools are funded by what taxes tax dollars how much our houses are ValuJet and what they're worth. And so when you look at the great schools there is some of those areas of houses that we probably can't afford. But we try anyway, oh, we forge our address. So we do a legal thing. Right. And now the cracking down on that on your one woman got actual jail time doing that to help her children go to a school district that was a little more appropriate academically for children, let me say this. And doc, I think you will agree. I push back on the notion of bad public school pushback. Yep. And now remind people that when you say a public school is bad. Understand what what a public school is a public school is a socio economic reflection of the local communities. There you go. That's it period. A fact you can have the greatest educators inside of that school and the truth is sometimes you do most times, you do have them and some integrate education educators jumped ship because of those factors. Yeah. Use what you got. Okay. You have a child as bright talk to the teachers work with the counselors, you know, get some tutoring. Do Kumaon mind do I mean as an educated child is one that is not just educated at school? They're educated at home to there are other factors and variables involved in your child being brightening, your one of them as a parent. So even if they go to a school that's rated a three or one it's up to you. There are plenty threes and one's at Harvard Yale and George the striking. How were they shine? Okay. Yeah. Period. And there are a lot of people that want to ten schools that at the community college, okay or wherever nothing no disrespect to community. College was saying. I bet you those parents didn't expect their children not to be a Harvard or Yale. Right. Let me read another passage which I think is paramount when talking about schools. The headline is wide school culture, import it. Another key item. Parents also overlook all the time is culture. No, I am not speaking of at necessity or race. But that of the culture of the school or district with this mean, the values norms and practices shared and embraced in the school setting you provided examples what is the school widely known for is the school traditional liberal or conservative. What are the disciplinary standards zero tolerance strict harshness or extremely High Dam near rigid standards or colorful with leniency, and it's all about the child type standards one big ups to you for figuring out how to go from a scholarly qualitative quantitative comparative on narrative to breaking it down to where in about. Because let me tell you something that is an art. I've been told one of my professors, Dr Gregory, she. Jason chair Gregor is the truth. That is a that is a brilliant wall. God. Yes. So smart as you sell your. Yes. She's so naturally smart. Yep. She doesn't realize she's she's over my head a lot. And so Dr Gregory get so Meco, she says Rashad your great writer, but you too colorful sometime in your writings in your research papers, because it's you know, it's research, right? And then at rolling out one of the copy editors will say shot, you're too technical. You can. In your writing. This is just an article right as we'll have to go back and forth. Mashad? It's all ABC one through three anybody could pick it up and read it, and yes, it just it just you're right. It it just comes naturally to me because we're talking I'm from the hood. I must child that is from Charleston, South Carolina, went to low performing schools welfare. My mom had a GED if that, and so I had to learn the system for me. My momma didn't learn a system I had to learn it and use it and leverage it for the life that I now have for me and my children. And so you're right. It was an art. I had to play that game. I had to learn it really early on. You would agree with me when I say education in a word of bias can become a great equalizer is the great is I can assure policy. Let me tell you. What's the great? The great equalizer is money. Okay. True. Right. Exactly access act. No accent. That's right. And so yes education is one. And I think education out of all of the tools for. For this social context we live in today. Education is one of the more tangible. Yeah. Because we say money this ad. We'll a degree you can get money. And it's a universal. Nod degree is a universal. Neither that you have the skills you committed to something you were persistent, and you did that for every everything in life. You know, it's amazing that you have a lot of people with degrees with out any know-how hustle. I would still prefer to this day to this very day. I would prefer to hire somebody with how rather than a degree. That's just. I know I know you don't like that. You're you're you'll liberalism. Great. There's some things that college will show you that the real World War, and there's some things in the real world that you can't get in the classroom agree. Professor. You can't teach hustle. Agreed. Agreed. However, if I had a choice between a degreed up student and a student with actual know-how as a as an employer. I would hire the person with the know how unfortunately that is not typical of the work market right now, the workforce will not say that to you. But what if you had both wish what if it was me? If you have all hustle game, strong Sonya Coley degrees in the world. And she got the hustle. What would you do perfect combination? You took the African names. That's a done deal all my maiden name. Shuler's people think I'm a white Nigerian. Schuler is my my grandfather was right, white and black. Yeah. People think who was the white Nigerian. It'll be looking like Shuler. Holy. Oh, wow. Yeah. I'm very black. I'm very very, you know, you you more like, you're reformed hood. Absolutely. We got more on the other side. We're gonna take some callers let you liberalism shy boy zero eight nine two two seven zero three you're getting real with the realize man on radio news top thirteen eighty W A. Okay. Four eight nine two two seven. Oh, three on news and talk thirteen eighty w.

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