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Might not find candidates with that level of qualification There is a morning April 7th welcome into WTO He had one 38 I think it whether all the 8s and when it breaks to Ian Crawford in the WTO feed traffic zone To Virginia we go first dino and thanks a lot the callers have been great this morning please by all means keep up the good work and be in our eyes this morning Sam pound 95 after one 23 before you get to the Prince William Parkway the disabled vehicle on the left side blocking a left lane at last report changing attire may have another one changing guitar just beyond that closer to the ramp for the Prince William Parkway That person over on the left shoulder and we may have something tire eating over in that left side with caution Caller confirms we have work zones of plenty southbound on 95 after Stafford with left lane getting by and after the centerport Parkway heading toward the talmud it's one of the right to get by Now no serious issues getting through the work zone but they are going to creep up on you if you're doing 70 odd or so down the freeway extra caution back off the speeds after Stafford and again after the set apart Parkway to get into those work zones 66 east bounders coming from Gainesville through manassas the work zone before suddenly road is one to the left to get by and that eastbound is in west bounders over the capitol beltway You're down to single lanes once again east boundaries after nutly street one left wing gets by west bounders after falls church You're one to the right to get by the ongoing work And then the ramps from the outer loop to go west on 66 that's a single left lane to get by on that two lane ramp interlude ramps to eastbound and westbound 66 shut down for the work in the district on the freeway This will be westbound with caution after main avenue We've got some police activity of some sort on the case bridge can not see very clearly in the distance what's going on but we certainly see the flashing lights and thank you for the vision on this Stay to the left to get by no serious delays doing it in Maryland outer loop ramp to the cabin John Parkway seagull right on that two lane ramp to get by the work on 95 and the BW Parkway We are quiet The earlier crash of the Baltimore beltway the outer loop ramp to go north on the BW Parkway that still blocked by a crash involving an overturned truck Meadows farm screening sail is here now through Monday VIPs get up to 20% off stock are provided and skip laurels Meadows farms plant a little happiness Ian Crawford will get traffic Storm team four radar tracking The Rain making its way back in across our region some of that rain could be on the moderate to heavy side as we move on to the morning hours in our morning commute Give yourself a little bit of extra time make sure you have that umbrella handy as you move on through the day on your Thursday High temperatures into the mid 50s during the afternoon and once again we'll see that rain right on through the.

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