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Right sunshine johnny nash and that's how you know you're listening to the show who in the heck is playing johnny nash i i'm talking to jackie greene and her daughter lauren green mcafee they are maybe known to you through hobby lobby the part of the green family museum of the bible we're talking about the new book which is called only one life how a woman's every everyday shapes eternal legacy okay so you have a biblical figures you have people who've passed on and then you have people who are alive today one of them of course that you reference is queen elizabeth the second and you just told me that you are ninth cousins with her ninth yes no and it's proven it's true so how far do you have to go back i mean it's kind of like so then like moses an i if you go back to adam and eve if you go back to adam and eve moses and i are probably like two hundred and forty six cousins no idea think it's something like cousins with everybody right that's eventually we all do connect some are you talking about with you or with the green family now with me with my side of the family's what's your maiden name well my maiden name is french rta so it came from my mother's side okay it goes down this louis line that's just so funny that you had a genealogist figure that out you know so the story came down for my great grandmother my grandmother and my mom you know we knew they would say there was some connection but probably every but when you say they would say there's some connection if you go back before nineteen fifty two she wasn't the queen right so you're greatgreatgrandfather so you're talking about a connection to that family family they didn't know that she yeah she's always been on a royal line though from her birth she has by as you know it takes twists and turns i mean if you think about her she wasn't ever supposed to be the queen father only became the king because his brother the skunk abdicated story and so if if the if the brother hadn't been been a week moral character as i like to put it he oh it's such a sad story but anyway neff about the sadness you've got a book of great stuff here so we were talking about biblical characters including holda isn't that just seemed like if you wanna ready short story named somebody hold the dirty know what kind of character hold it would be but in the bible she's an amazing character because three thousand years ago that was a good name so who else do we have and who's elizabeth of hungary yes yeah yeah i love that not related to her well i haven't checked it out maybe we'll have to find out and let you maybe you are so watch what you say about that anyway she had a great story because her husband well all of these women i have to say they have a foundation of faith and we see their character exhibited with that foundational faith carrying them through difficult times so every one of these women had something that.

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