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To be real telltale for them in post also a team. That relies very heavily on three guys. Pg and Lou Williams score for them they don't have a lot of guys kaput ball make a play we seen. Lou Williams play. Maybe quite the same level has in the past like they are in a perfect team. And I and I think the Marcus Morris deal allows them to maybe not play now. You've got a closing line of two way players. And now Lou Williams I think takes more of more. I don't know that you're going to see him in those closing situations when they're at full strength. No question I mean that that's been one of the things I've wondered about this going all the way back to the off season when they put it together was could Lou Williams. The Guy doesn't Really Guard. Anybody play critical moments like we saw last year with the raptors. They won the guys who can play at both ends. We saw that against the box right. I mean that was a big reason why they got through and really won that series on the final. So you know I just. I really can't underscore that. Marcus Morris pickup. I think was huge for them. Keeping away from the Lakers and for the variety thinks he can do for them. And then last thing Milwaukee. Toronto BOSTON PHILADELPHIA. Raptures finally lost before the all-star break After winning fifteen in a row do do we take the raptors seriously as legitimate a legitimate threat to the box again in the east the No the short answer is no. I mean I combed Leonard made such a huge difference for that raptors team and I know that in the regular season the bucks were able to get a little cocky because they did win. I believe three out of four meetings against the raptors. And then they kind of crumbled in the Eastern Conference finals but coli was a Yana stopper in that series And the thing that Mike Boone holes are told me last year was what they were. Betting on was that the bucks system wouldn't fail for out of Seven Games that system that requires four shooters to be on the floor creating space for honest but Janas got better. He's now able to kind of create space for other people. He's a better shooter. They lost Kawhi LEONARD AND. I just think that I was really impressed by that. Raptors streak just like. I'm really impressed by that drill down but I don't think I I. It will be interesting to see if the rappers can hold onto that to seat. I know they're motivated to continue what they started before this break. But Milwaukee is far ahead of any other team in the East right now the thing about the raptors. It's funny from where they were before is up until last year. There is a team that lost right. There is a team that failed and now that they got over the mountaintop last year without Kawhi they believe they can beat everybody and they have total confidence in Milwaukee for Boston for Philly Miami and a win and they think they can beat anybody now can they. We'll see I mean they do have some flaws. They wanted to get more offensive punches. The deadline they were unable to do that. Look I think is far as beating. Milwaukee goes it's to your point. Can the box actually follow through four out of seven times? All the way through the East in Michael Knowles our system and Ken Philly FA team the most sculptural team in the league. That when they're at home looks all time and on the road as marketers. The Knicks can they show up in the playoffs every single game because they in my opinion still have the highest ceiling of any of these eastern conference teams and if they show up the way they're capable of in the in the Eastern conference playoffs despite all the issues. They've had they can still get out of the ISA finals guys. They are tearing up the press room at the United Center. It's cue to get out of here. Go home so we will. We will head into the rest of our all star break here get out of Chicago.

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