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With us today needing really no introduction is Laurel K Hamilton author of the Anita Blake series good. Morning. Hello. Hey. Good Morning. Hi Scott Hi Sandra it's good to be here. Oh my gosh. This is amazing to have you. This is so exciting. So I wanted to go ahead and start as a first time reader of the series I was surprised by how little previous knowledge I actually needed to become invested in your characters and your world what is your method to making your books approachable to those who are just coming in? Well I try to treat every book as much as possible where you can pick it up and come in and that you know. That gets harder harder with more books more background you build up, but I really do set down and I think you know all right the first draft because you don't edit as you do for staff that that's that'll stop in your tracks every time but then subsequent drafts I look at it and go Kay I had never picked the series up this was a brand new book if I was in a bookstore or in the airport and honest picking this book up and I was reading it would this draw me in in would this be enough information so that I didn't feel loss I really do I really do try to bear that in mind It is it is quite a challenge at this point but I really do think about I because I still hear from people that say just that like you said your first Ruder I actually do still get a lot of people and I just found you. I'm so excited so many books and people are reading at home in he in doing more books now as things gone on 'cause you know. Online has become harder everybody's kind of hunkering down so. I get. I'm getting lots of Preston, readers. and. They say the same thing. They usually get back to the beginning after they they read up to but but I really do try because I know that in the airport there's going to be delayed That's it. They just don't have shelf room for everybody's whole series. That's that's awesome and I mean I'm so happy like that. Scott found that to be so true for your books all All have gone into more detail on this, but I am not a first time reader. I. Am a long reader. So it was really really exciting to get to have a different. From him as a longtime reader versus new reader. That is really cool. Yeah. It's you know we do what we can hear. Jonah Junkies. Anita is a strong assertive female character just like me. How does it make you feel when your readers talk to you about how much Anita has inspired them it. When it first started a low these. I started out. I was puzzled by how many people said you know she helps me strong because honestly my grandmother race, there were no. and. So I was Rai- I. I wasn't raised to be the girl because that wasn't an option is made heavy had to be lifted when I got big enough. You're talking to it. Wasn't like we had help from anybody else to go to. So I didn't know the Anita was so strong. I didn't know that wasn't option to be anything else it took me quite a few years to go. Okay I understand it now I love the fact that so many people tell me needed has inspired them to be stronger and that it's okay to be stronger, it's okay to stand up for themselves I. Was Not socialized to be to be the girl not in any way I I, was not I was I was told to I had to take care of myself. No Man is conducive for me and that if I wasn't stronger to take care of myself, my way I was at that was how I was raised though. So that's how neat is. That's how I am. I honestly did not there was another option. In and but I'm meet so many women that I really thought would be passed us to be honest. We are still socializing or girls boys so differently. and. And girls are still being socialized to be nice and I love hearing from women saying you know I spoke up I listened to that little voice in the back of my head. I knew it wasn't a good idea. So I said no, because I knew Anita wouldn't do it. I had women that have left abusive relationships and they stay is put up and I I mean that is that is such such a gift to be able to share strength. In a way I, get to share my own upbringing. I share the strength that I was taught and raised with everybody I you know I also get I also get min. The also say that needs help them be strong in a different way that that that they're all different kinds of strength. And just like gives me chills. It is a really. Holy unlooked for on my part and it's been a real gift to share with everybody that was. That must be why like rings so true is it's just what it is is just natural. Yes. I I grew up with my grandma for a lot of my years too. So I always like to hear another raised by grandma type of person, and of course, she was old school old schools. Oh Yeah. Very old school and. An. People's Graham was not all the same but. I do not think my grandmother ever were makeup day in her life. She was raised in farm country. So she didn't have any time. She had no patience radio that followed the all stop that that you know nobody cared what I looked like it was. Could you list this? Can you do this for me? And so I really I. Really you know people will say you know early interviewer said you know and love she said this off camera I love Anita but I bet her closer so awful what made you think to dress like that? In the early. In the this this woman is dressed, this woman was dressed in in very high enclosed top to bottom. I mean, she looked abuse and I I dressed up for the interview but I just didn't have the heart teller of that I just look down at what I was wearing. Eh, needed wear that right Didn't occur to me. The more I, the more I go out and meet people that are more into fashion in more into the whole indoctrination I didn't get about appearance is so important the more I realized that I'm really have no since bashes I really off and I, I that's not a bad thing. It's just it's just I just don't think about it. It's it's just I'm gonNA go Amnuay cupboard. Is By. 'em I covered is everything covered is worried shoes appropriate to the day? Can I walk the dogs in these guy? I. Go outside without tripping on something is it raining or these waterproof do I need? To the practical list that's how I. Joked John is the one who taught me how to wear high heels. because. I couldn't I didn't know how to wear high heels. I. Really. Didn't and. Rightish on Claude his great fashion sense. He's the one who got me watching fashion TV and things like that trying to figure out how to dress him and and so for John Call that I were the really high heels and learn how to rock in because I I wanted to know how that feel felt. Sometimes I write very much like a method actor I will get into the. Of the character in that kind of thing and so. It was only half joking Sean Claude taught me how to wear high heels. Oh, I love that so vital.

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