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Morning's top stories here. Shera? Good morning everyone. Seven fifty one on NewsRadio seven forty KTAR age, the final preparations for President Bush's funeral here in Houston underway at Saint Martin's episcopal church an estimated fifteen thousand mourners passed through there overnight as the president was lying in repose. Two of the seven marines involved in a mid air. Collision off the coast of Japan have been rescued search efforts for the five still missing while they're going to be underway for some time governing body of the USA gymnastics filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. Now lawsuits after the Dr Larry Nassar sex assault scandal. They're just piling up over the hundred have been filed more on these stories right now at KTAR H dot com and coming up here at the top of the hour ten and sixteen your commute is coming up at the top of the hour on seven forty KTAR. H I know Dana Carvey was. Fan obviously of George Herbert Walker Bush forty one but somebody else said something really really nice to say Joe who read a Wilson's the actress Rita Wilson. She was a quite a few things, yourself course. She's probably best known as being married to Tom Hanks, who I I here's the thing about the both of them. I don't know anything about their politics Hanks's, big democrat. Well, the good news about that. Is you never hear him talk about really, you know, I think I think he's smart enough to realize that we appreciate his acting abilities sort of the Jimmy Stewart of our generation or maybe it's just he's anti-trump. He's done some anti-trump stuff. Nah, man. I'm sorry to hear that at any rate. His wife Rita Wilson had some nice things to say about forty-one..

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