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They're scheduled obviously not very bad in that division six zero five and one that division, Tom, Tom, Brady your first. So you're I have a if I agree get a dang. If I disagree with eat my Schwartz, Jeff, Schwartz, give him a gong. I'll take New England absolutely under the eleven and a half. So who is this year? New England, but they're going to be six, murky, muddy average team that is clearly not one of the top three in the in the AFC. All right. Let's go to your New York Giants, New York Giants over seven. I totally agree that they're often less that you out this. They got the saquon Barkley whose looks great right now a proper him by the way over eleven hundred yards this year. I think he's gets that upgrade. Offense align by seventy five percent of the offense aligns much better owed healthy. Sterling Shepard Ingram. Look at the defense Olivier Vernon the back end date Alec Ogle trees on the Rams middle linebacker they've had in ten years. The DC came from Arizona. They were top five defense five years in a row. You know, he was there so giants way over seven wins. Also there's not been a repeat winner in the NFC east two thousand four, I know to mazing. So it's a weird division. So the giants over seven games is really easy. Okay. What about the LA Rams ten wins. Vegas has ten. I'm going under here and I'll tell you why. So last year, if you look at the quarterbacks, they played a played five, seven, maybe a, I've rich above average. If you count back as maybe in above average didn't play that way last year and they won three. Those are three and three. They lost a playoff game to the falcons. Obviously, this year they play at least eleven about average quarterbacks. They play the believe they play the NFC north Russell twice. So that's four. Plus, I'm not counting really even Josh Rosen in this quite yet or Sam. Bradford, I'm not counting. Pama homes or Mr. Bisky they play week eighty nine who could be by that point about average, they play the north, I believe, and they play the AFC west, I believe, as well. So Philip rivers, rivers case keenum and car. So they they're loaded on quarterback. So I just think if we look at unders easy ones, the dolphins are gonna win, mini games, but there's always a couple of your that. Take a step back. I know the Rams upload all these guys. They're roster, but I like I like their total under they go nine, seven, just under ten k. this one, I totally agree with the j. everybody in medium of the Jaguar you say under, I don't. I don't get, don't get it Sean Watson's back. That's into lock Owen to their own to Marcus mariota as well folks there are by the way the Houston Rockets, yes, Houston Rockets, the world's perfect. Yes. There's, you know, in all of a sudden they got up. And now all of a sudden they have to pay Chris, Paul max money, they lose Trevor Reza, the rockets sometimes these championship windows are like tight. Yes. Last year was perfect. It was Steelers, patriots Jags in a bunch of injured quarterbacks, bad teams, their division. I finished third and also last year they had barely any injuries and none on defense. Now they were healthy. Bortles had his best here. I just don't play baseball. Blake Bortles to me. He's not a quarterback that can win you football game. He can win if everything else goes well, but at the defense is not playing well. I don't trust him to football game, so they go nine and seven eight, but they're under that win tone. Okay..

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