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We can do to improve the conditions of middleclass americans we've got to secure the border we got to halt the invasion of lowwage employees driver now middleclass wages all over the country we got a thai mileva remark it to force employers to raise the wages to give us full employment with higher wages we have to give tax incentives to companies who i have factories in america we have to repatriate four trillion dollars we have to impose border taxes on the products the companies who can move plants abroad can you you get all that in exchange for dhaka well the guy wrote the art of the deal what did he what did we get what the normal americans get in exchange for the president throwing his hand in on daca answers nothing what did we get as americans for increasing the debt limit which is now north of twenty trillion dollars do we get the penny plan okay will increase the debt limit but here's the deal chuck in nancy the penny planned every year beginning now we reduce federal spending by one one percent one percent next year it will be to total and five years or six years we would have a balanced budget did he get that in exchange for raising the debt limit what did he get for the debt limit zero zilt nada this is the guy who wrote the book art of the deal here we stood in the middle of september gosh in less than eight weeks ob the commemoration unavem or the eighth 2016 do we have immigration reform do we have repeal and replace obamacare do we have less or more government spending do we have tax reform through we have infrastructure spending do we have a border france do we have paris climate accord this morning i'm listening to rex tillerson on face the nation and he said trump is open is staying and the paris climate accord under the right conditions well what the hell can you tell me why those of us including wayne allyn root and sean hannity that worked so hard for trump last november what did we get the demonstrate the level of the republican victory you can't find a democrat with a search warrant nowhere twothirds of the.

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