Canada, Rufus Wainwright, Methuen discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


It's called Canada the way it came to me was literally I am see it I really want to go to Canada and empire I sort of was having this moment of discovering all these new artists that for Canadian and I'm a very big fan of Rufus Wainwright in Methuen right turn you Mitchell a rodent in Portugal where we had a couple of days off it wasn't a sort of hugely conscious purses writing the song but then when I when I think back on and I I I think that Canada is everywhere and fulfilling so it's metaphorical as well as being can basically acts I would like to go there the simplicity keeps and I still haven't been to Canada Sir it'll be all good when we get to happen but I do hope that it happens maybe for next world tour the original album out of my problems Caprica book collectible gold and bits of clothes and fresh cold milk they go together like BJ liederman who does our theme music a new serials pour forth if you please every year to tackle contemporary taste buds to mark national cereal day Corey Dillon ski of the Omaha world Herald and a group of his colleagues tried out ten new flavors they report jolly ranchers cereal tastes just like the candy so if you want that flavor for breakfast it's available it goes serial got a ten out of ten rating and plaudits for infusing the milk with delicious notes of maple syrup Leggo my Eggo and my spoon now a box of contradictions Hershey kisses serial bears and fortunate resemblance to a certain brown emoji but the testers say it's chocolatey delicious like coco pops times to maybe times ten but what really took Corey Dillon scanners oracle of Omaha back the pop charts on the kind of the pricing I don't really know what to expect without one but it actually tasted good the twenty one was the worst of what we tried to mother people take them with me it said it reminded her packing peanuts switches and grow their review you want for anything you would eat maybe the reporter should consider rating toothbrushes after this taste test but they did it.

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