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As a as a hit to hurt wound bobby kennedy is as plausible as anything that guess what oslo and also having oswald killed has a better as a big there there's a enroll jack ruby as a mafia flavor to this whole thing now i'll tell you what i'm not going to do especially not sitting here on national radio i'm not gonna sit here and tell you that i figure this out and that must be what it is all i heard from a guy this morning our local show your mark i know a lot about firearms and something weird here because it was two kinds of bullets that hit jfk so what as in other people there who wasn't nobody says that rare but i've looked at that i've looked at zip i love this i've looked at this uproot or film the world has looked at his approval party mark davis in for dennis prager let's talk about this a few other things a here of this oh friday dennis your show center flab into your head when you go ahead well my head went back back and allow and to the left back to the left wang i'm saying this could not have come from behind a second thorough with srn news i'm rich thomason in washington the economy is firing on all cylinders drawing it a solid annual rate of three percent between july and september the first time that growth had at least three percent for two consecutive quarters as otto across a noman's land that separates south and north korea at a gone chief james mattis is made his first visit to the dmz as defense secretary the government's investigating a claim it is steering wheel fell off as the motorist was driving a light model four infusion sedan as of now there band no recall just the investigation a federal judge in alabama as permanently block state laws placing restrictions on abortion clinics near schools and banning a second prime minister real seizure wall street the dow is up 32.

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