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The louis. Ck what do you think about losing talk. You look fucking all twenty in one of them wanting to stood up right now. Did you call. You can take responsibility for your shit all these death threats and they published a blog about me. I was hoping he cuts back into it and documentaries like there is a documentary that really liked. This is one of the seems that was from various wrong. You still. I'm still letting it play. And yeah he's coming back to you crazy people that's what you do to host his onstage. Now he's getting kicked out right. Now get the fuck out of here out of him their escorting them out of the all right now. The host is in his face. be funny times time. You'll saw amazing why i love him. Yeah okay well you. Apparently that's his wife filming for documentary. Luis lopez goes on. Alexa comes on and mart. Random comes back in died. I just wanted to tell. Joe blow of loosey loosey-goosey. Let's go back. Random knows jokes about monopoly and have jokes about bass can mattis guys trade all together. Anyone gazette didn't.

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